Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DC Quake

By now, the news of the East Coast earthquake has hit pretty much everywhere.  I was home alone, in my 12th floor apartment just sitting on the couch when it hit.  Being a native Californian (and Texan), I've been in some earthquakes, the biggest being the 1994 one in the Valley in CA.  That one was terrifying because I was very young, it was super powerful, and it hit in the early morning hours.  We had lost power and hot water for days.  I remember showering at our neighbor's house because while he also had no power, he did have hot water.  Go figure.

Anyways, yesterday's quake was no joke and even though it's nothing in comparison to what's happened in Japan and CA, it's still really scary.  I'm really happy and very thankful that as of now, nobody was really hurt, there was no major damage, and my friends and family are safe.

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