Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Sleepover Fit for a Royal

So I leave for Arizona on Friday to attend my 2nd cousin's wedding. But first, on Thursday night, katmcd, mb, and I are getting together for a royal wedding sleepover.   I bought a lot of OJ for Mimosas, mb is brining cucumber sandwiches and scones, or someting like that.  I'm really looking forward it. 

Also, has anyone watched the HBO miniseries with Kate Winslet, called Mildred Pearce?  I AM OBSESSED.  Kate Winslet is awesome in it, but boo to Even Rachel Wood.  She is terrible.  And on another note, there is a lot of sex in it, and somewhat graphic.  And the clothes and hats are amazing.  I watched the first 4 parts in 1 sitting.  I'm finishing up on part 5 this morning as I do some work.

Speaking of work, the shortest day I've worked in about 3 weeks has been 12 hours.  My bosses are being very generous today and letting us all work from home.  I like that they support my team and recognize how hard we're working.  Anyways, back to it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge Catch Up - Day 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Holy crap, I realize I'm so behind, but work is CRAZY right now and life is good and when those two things combine, you get Captain Planet.  Wait no, I just tend to get behind on blogging.  So here's a lot of 30-day challenge catch up.

Day 08
A Picture that Makes You Laugh

The current dude hanging around sent me this link:

Tell me you're not laughing...just a little bit.

Day 09
A Picture of the Person who has gotten you through the most

My grandma.  She passed away in 2005 but my mom and I lived with her while I was young and she taught me so much.  I miss her every day.  This is from a cruise we took when I graduated high school.  She took me on a 14-night cruise around Hawaii and up to Canada.  It was AMAZING.

Day 10
A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

See katmcd's blog for day 10.  She made the most fabulous photo montage of us.  I'll also add some here.

Day 11
A Picture of Your Favorite Night

The night we left for Spain. 

It was my very first trip to another country besides Canada.  I don't know that I've ever been more excited in my life.

Day 12
A Picture of Something You Love

Disney Movies, specifically Sleeping Beauty

She was always my favorite Disney princess. Two years ago for Halloween the whole group was Disney Characters and of course I was Aurora. 
Runner up favorite is Anastasia.

Day 13
A picture of your favorite band or artist


I LOVE Cascada.  Seriously, everything they put out I die for.  But really I like a lot of bands from the Killers to Carrie Underwood to Jay-Z.  But when I hear trance of any kind, I'm in heaven.

Day 14
A picture of something you could never imagine your life without

I consider myself to have a pretty free-spirit and hope that I am as open-minded as possible. For the most part, I'll try anything once.  I'm not usually the idea man/woman, I'm the one the who always says yes, and I'm totally comfortable with that.

Day 15
A picture of something you want to do before you die  (I'm posting now because I'm vaguely sure that I won't tomorrow.)

I want wear a dress like this:

I'd like to get married, hopefully around 30 and when I really know what I want.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 6 and 7

Day 06
A picture of a person you'd like to trade places with.


Girl is FIERCE.  She's not crazy skinny yet she is gorgeous.  She's got a great attitude, a hot husband and an amazing life.  And she seems to have a really high level of privacy. 

Not to mention, I want a love like this:

Day 07
A picture of your most treasured items.

I don't have really a lot of heirlooms or anything.  Besides my family, who you've already seen pictures of, my friends are what I treasure most.  I wonder if that's because I've experienced a lot of young people dying around me.  I love to shop and love to have nice things and I do have many of my great-grandmother's and grandmother's jewelry and stuff, but it's the memories that I treasure more.  So for that, here are just a few of my besties:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 5

Day 05
A picture of your favorite actor/actress.

Ryan Reynolds

I have a total soft spot for Ryan Reynolds.  Ever since the Proposal and Definitely, Maybe, I've just loved him.  And he is adorable when he smiles.  I was devastated when him and ScarJo announced their divorce, but he just seemed so classy about it. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 4

Day 04
A picture of your favorite memory.

Honestly, this one is next to impossible.  I don't have just one memory that sticks out as the best.  So I'll just throw up a couple of my most recent and great memories.

Katmcd already put up one of our most fabulous shared memory of Fat Spiderman in Madrid in 2009.  But here are a couple more:

Finishing the Army 10 Miler October 2010

Halloween 2010

Hilton Head August 2010, quite possibly the most relaxing place ever.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 1, 2, 3

Wow, I've been so busy and horribly bad at keeping up with this thing.  Since I was also a little dry for topics to write about, I figured I'd follow in my friend katcmd's footsteps on her blog Leggings are Not Pants, and participate in Beaufort Belle's 30 day challenge. 

Since obviously it's already the 3rd of April, I've got a few to catch up on.

Day 01
A picture of yourself and 10 fun facts.

1. My name is Sarah but I feel like nobody ever calls me that. I have a ton of nicknames.
2. I am deathly afraid of scary movies.
3. My idea of a perfect marriage is an amazing husband, no children, fantastic travel, doing something adventurous every day, even if it's just trying new foods.
4. I live for the beach.  I absolutely love the sound of the ocean and the smell of being near a beach.
5. I've never been much of a reader. I guess I read a lot as a kid (hello babysitters club and boxcar children) and somehow just fell out of love with it.
6. I am an only child and LOVE IT.
7. I lived in California and Texas and moved to the DC area almost 8 years ago.
8. I have practically no artistic talent.  I'm a true jock but I can at least appreciate art.
9. I majored in Engineering in college.
10. I can't sew at all.

Day 02
A picture of you and the person you've known the longest.
That's me on the night of my engineering graduation in college.  My mom's on the left, my aunt's on the right.  Both have had husbands come and go and both are now happily in long term relationships with amazing men, but in my head, it's always been the 3 of us (4 of us when my grandma was alive).  Even though I have other family, these 2 wonderful women are what I consider my favorite family.

Day 03
A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

Army Wives cast.  I've watched this show from the beginning and just absolutely cannot stop watching it.  And I cry almost every week when it's on.