Thursday, September 29, 2011


Finally, it's sunny outside.  Granted it was gross and rainy this morning.  It's probably my last week working from home, and I'm really looking forward to getting back in an office environment.

I'm about a week away from running the Army 10-Miler.  And my birthday is next Tuesday.

What is it about September/October/November that are constantly SO busy?  I feel like every week day is packed with happy hours, dinners, and the weekends are full of fall festivities, football, and fun.  That was a lot of f's.  Haha.  I love being so busy and I really appreciate all of the random fun things that we do in fall.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

True Life: I Break Hairbrushes

This is my hair brush:

It's now broken and sad.  I think it was just so old that it gave out.  I don't have thick hair or curly hair.  My brush was just tired.

Another great weekend here.  My mom and her husband and his mom were in town and we got to play tourist.  My dude came along and met the fam, and overall we had a great time.  Then dude and I went to a going away party and moved to a hookah bar, coming home around 4am.  Oops.  It was such a great time.  I am so happy.

I've got a great weekend coming up, complete with a MB happy hour and a dinner with katmcd for our ritual birthday dinner(her's last Thursday, mine next Tuesday).  I'm very excited to hang out with them and get some girl time.

I also made like one of the best meals ever on Friday:  Filet Mignon with burst cherry tomatoes, breaded zucchini, blue cheese and dill sauce, and homemade cheesecake brownies, dyed orange (partly for Halloween, partly for my dude since it's his favorite color).  Also, we think we have Halloween costume ideas!!! More to come later.

Tomorrow....LET'S GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dingo Ate My Baby And I Needed New Boots

Oh thank goodness I actually got into the office today!  It was so nice and I actually learned some stuff, which is always nice.

I just bought these:

Like?  Gosh I wish fall was here already.  I'm Boston  bound in early November and I am thinking heavy sweaters, boots and jeans will be my wardrobe for that trip.  Oh and jackets, because duh, it gets cold there.

I've also been debating on signing up for a blog-goodie swap for the fall.  I finally did it, and I couldn't be more excited to shop for fall things for my swap-mate.

Too bad it's 77 with a humidity of like 99% outside.  Boo.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today I joined Pintrest.  It was just a last minute effort to fill my time up.  And now....I have a problem.

I am addicted to Pintrest.

There, I said it.  And the little easy button on my Google Chrome toolbar is AWESOME.

One of my first pins:  HOW FREAKIN CUTE!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I think I really want a pair of red or other colored jeans.

I saw this picture in the Zappos catalog (btdubs...who knew they had a catalog) of red pants, bright blue heels, and this purple dress on top.  Take away the purple dress, throw on an oversized black off the shoulder sweater, and I think it would make for an amazing outfit.  Seriously.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Will Not Get Sick

Saturday night the dude and I went via limo and like, 9 other people to the grand opening of this club named Opera.  It was actually a birthday party that we went with.  Holy crapola.  It.was.awesome.  Most of the time, I'm not much of a nightclub/lounge kind of person.  But I admit that every now and then I freaking love it.

Also seriously, the last time I was in a limo was probably high school prom.

But now, I'm still struggling to feel rested and today I started to get that twinging itch in my throat.  I must not get sick.  Not that I'm doing much, but I am really trying to run a little bit every day before the Army 10-Miler and getting sick would stop that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dream Big

While I do that, I'm going to get excited about taking the dude out tomorrow night.  He received some big news yesterday and I'm so proud of him and happy for him.  We've started exploring the area he moved to.  There are some really great restaurants there.

Also, wtf rain, I need you to go away because I'm drowning.

Tomorrow I get to go see my friend's brand new baby girl.  Sometimes, I don't get myself.  Typically, you'd have to bribe me like, $1K to even get within 500 feet of a baby, but with Kate and her baby, I just want to spoil her.  Weird.  Hopefully the streets stop flooding for like a day so I can get there and back safely.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes Man

Have you seen this movie?  It's so random and funny.  I bought it from Target for $5 today.  Totally worth it.

So while, I'm hanging out at home, I've been on mission clean my closet/clothing out.  I've gotten pretty far too, including buying some fabric boxes today for flip flops and office supplies.  Random assortment, I realize.  I feel better when things are clean.  And right now, about everything else in my life, I feel like a disaster.  I can't believe I'm still just waiting for some job paperwork to come through before I can go in.  That's about 7 weeks I've been just sitting at home.  I AM BORED.

On a separate note, and really a happy one, I've got some great things upcoming and I'm doing my best to keep focused on that.  Trip to Boston/Amherst for UMASS homecoming, Disney World in January for my first 1/2 marathon and Mike's first trip to Disney as an adult, and of course the holidays!!  Today was the first day it actually felt like fall.  I mean, it was cold and wet and miserable.  I was ready today to pull out my sweaters, boots, and trench coat.