Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Promise I'll Be Better

I have honestly just been too busy and didn't feel like writing much.  Things I've done in the past 3 months:

River Tubing
Finished up my latest work contract
Found a new contract
Went to AZ for my cousin's wedding
Went to 4 baseball games
Took my car into the dealership 3 times
Gold Cup
Saw Friends with Benefits
Saw Bridesmaids
Vacationed in Riviera Maya
Went to Colombia
Visited Boston
Was given a stuffed lobster.  I love that lobster.

Oh, and I shopped.......a lot.  I did a lot of little stuff in there too, but that's the bulk of it.  Speaking of shopping, today I bought the cutest pair of flowery wedges from DSW.  It was raining, I figured shoes were in order. 8 days, I get to see this man again(even though I'm deeply saddened by his recent nuptials):


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