Monday, February 28, 2011

This Will Probably Be A Long One

But first I have to pay my respects to a few people.  First is my great-grandmother.  She passed away last week.  She had such a great life, and a long one, 95 years.  Second is someone I didn't know very well, but our paths crossed a few times as he was a friend of my ex's.  His name was Sean, I think he was around my age and he passed away this weekend from a heart attack, or so they think.  So to both of those people, I hope they find peace, and know that lots of people cared for you both.

Now, moving on to good things, there's a few giveaways:
1. My friend Legs over at Steak and Legs is giving away some Disney memorabilia.  Who doesn't love that?
2. Over at Quarter Life Prep, she's celebrating her blogaversary with some awesome prizes.

Moving on from that, work is just moving along very nicely.  It's getting stressful, but I'm still having a great time.

This Saturday a nice group of friends are going to be on a bar crawl in DC for St. Patrick's Day.  Please don't ask me why this is 2 weeks early, because I honestly have NO idea.  I'm really looking forward to because I had such a great time on it last year. 

Last weekend was one of my bff MB's birthday.  She chose to go to Mighty Pint to start.  Katmcd was nice enough to pick up some awesome glasses and a sash for MB and then bought us all some beads.  We bounced around there for a while before moving on to Bottom Line.  My Mike from Mike and Mike in the morning was nice enough to come too!  He's really pleasantly surprised me, and I get to see him twice this week.  He is exciting and treats me well.  I hope he thinks the same of me (exciting, kind, fun).  Anyways, MB had a great time and everyone was just in a good mood.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Tonight was terrible on the metro, but MB and I went on a really nice trip to Pentagon City and I bought some good stuff, and then I went to the gym.  It was a very up and down Monday.

OH FML.  I just got an email from my ex. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do Not Want: Style Snaps

Wtf is this?  Who wears their jeans THAT short?  I really don't know.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Out On School Nights

Oh crap, Sarg went out on a school night and had tooooooooo much fun.  Last night, my little from my sorority who works part time at Sign of the Whale invited me to their staff invite night.  It was a free hour of open bar from 9 to 10.  So MB and I trekked there, and on the way saw something like this van:

It pulled over right as we were walking by, but then I noticed it was a church group, and they had a few more not-so-creepy vans behind it.  Weird.

Then, Zig came and met us and we enjoyed the free hour of booze and then it started to get crowded....really crowded.  Zig said he had a friend who was bartending like at the next bar, Mighty Pint, so we went there.  On our way out of Sign of the Whale I had a traumatizing sighting of my ex from college. 

At Mighty Pint, Becky from Becky's Fund (of whom I've gone to Gold Cup with and get their emails, etc) was having some random thing where you vote on her laptop for.....something, and you get a free shot.  So I had that to shake off the ex sighting, and they also were giving out pop chips and MB and Zig confiscated like 5 bags.  It was pretty funny.  Mighty Pint was a total blast, MB and I shortly met these 2 friends, Mike and Mike.  No lie.  Had I mentioned that on Saturday night MB and I met 2 guys named Winston and Vladimir.  We checked their id's naturally. 

Anyways, back to Mike and Mike, I have no idea how we even started chatting with them, but I ended up dancing the night away and then we had a nice little evening.  Although I have one complaint, this morning my face was so damn red from his scruff on his face.  Dear friend, shave your face, because it's hurting mine.  K thanks bye.  Anyways, today I was dead.  So dead that I didn't get to work until 11.  Whoops.  Then I had to come home and take a nap because I just can't function.  I'm even skipping the gym tonight because I just don't have the energy, which is unheard of for me.

Well, it's time for some Pretty Little Liars and an early bedtime.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday Was A Bad Day

Not really bad, I just felt small, like my life wasn't moving forward, even though I know it's far from the truth.  I'm having great adventures, working really hard but enjoying it, and overall things are going well.  Blah. 

Today was better.  I came home and killed myself doing spin and then zumba.  I've got an early happy hour, but I'm really excited because tomorrow night I'm going to Mr Days for Happy Hour.  It's some charity thing thrown for my friend at work's friend.  Did you follow that one?  Anyways, there's a date auction and my work friend K tried to get me to be in it.  Uhm, I'm all for meeting people, but selling myself, not happening.  EVER.  1. I have stage fright like whoa.  2. I am confident, but I don't honestly think I'm pretty or gorgeous or deserving of a paid date.  I can't even get a normal date.  Don't get my wrong, I'm not horrible (check the Buenos Dias link for proof), but jeez, that'd be too much for me.  Anyways, if you're around, come support a good cause, and see me get drunk.  Something like that.

Also, somewhat unrelated to everything else, Monday night I took Body Pump at Golds.  Basically it's a class where you lift weights non-stop for an hour at a heart-pumping pace...hahah something like that.  BITCH KILLED ME.  My triceps hate her.  And it's like, 2 days later.

Well ya'll, I hope you had a nice week and are looking forward to a great weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shiny Happy People

I realize that isn't the real video but the original video wouldn't let me fucking embed it.  Of course.

Anyways, I really love love REM.  Seriously, I had my first encounter with them when I was about 10 and I've had a secret soft-spot for them ever since.

I could not ask for better friends.  After a 60 hour work week, I love that I can count on them to party like the best of them with me.  Last night mb, katmcd, and I went to Bottom Line.  Glen Coco came for a while too!  After a while, I was just not having the greatest time and was thinking that I was just wasting time and money and since I have volleyball today I closed my tab around 12 with every intention of going home.  No later than me putting down the pen I signed my check with do I look to my right and see Banana Bread Ray!  BBR is a friend of mb and I's who we met actually while watching football last year (2009) at the pub.  He is legitimately the nicest guy ever and his friends were hilarious.  We ended up hanging out with them and taking yeager bombs (I had at least 2....ick) and having a great time until the bar started to close up.  The best tab was $10.  I FUCKING LOVE THE BOTTOM LINE.

And not to toot my own horn, but I curled my hair last night and this morning it looks fucking amazing.  What the hell?  Ok, I'll take it.

And now, off to volleyball!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love Conference Calls

Today my schedule was:
8am con call
1:30 con call
8pm con call (I'm waiting for that one now)

Tomorrow my schedule is:
6:30am con call (being picked up to go to the office at 6:10am...UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH)
8am con call
9am meeting
8pm con call

I was so incredibly busy and productive that it was fabulous.  I forgot how much I like being a go-to person at work and being able to joke around but be amazing at work.  Not to toot my own horn obviously. 

I'm ready for happy hour on Thursday and I'm ready to meet more people (cough:men:cough).  I'm still happy despite what happened yesterday and I'm feeling refreshed, which after 7, almost 8 years in 1 location, is really hard to do.  DC has now surpassed Texas as the second longest time I've lived in 1 area.  Weird.

Also, I'm so ready for warm weather.  Was yesterday not the most ridiculous teaser?  I dream of the days when I'll be tubing down the river, chilling at the pool, playing softball with friends, and patio drinking.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Fail

Well maybe not a life fail, but a life downer.  Super Bowl weekend was just amazing.  Buffalo Billiards for the UFC fight, Front Page for tequila and men, and a family football Sunday.  Seriously fun.   I have a new chatty, meet people life and it's going..........well, I think.

Today I didn't get my coffee date, but that's ok.  I wrote earlier that I would be fine if he didn't show.  Granted, I wasn't alone and I didn't stay past actually just getting my own coffee.  That's what 2pm meetings will do to you. 

This week, my coworker B is going under for ACL repair.  While I feel bad for him, he's leaving at the worst time ever.  But I can't focus on that because I have 8am and 8pm calls, and a PACKED work schedule.  I keep telling myself, get to Thursday, get to Thursday.  YAY LA TASCA and sangria with katmcd and mb.  I'm kind of excited because this is the time I will prove to my bosses and myself that I can do this job and do it well.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

So Now I Get Dates on the Metro?

Last night was quite possibly the best Thursday that I've had in months.  MB and I had plans to go to the DC Auto Show and see Randy Orton. 

GOOD LORD THAT MAN IS HOT.  He is as hot in person as he is on tv.  I realize that someone like him would never ever want anybody like me, and I would really not ever want to be with someone like him.  But goodness, I'm going to keep on looking.

After walking around for a bit, checking out cars and people-watching, we headed to Bar Louie to get these amazing S'more martinis and some dinner.  The service was awkwardly slow and we decided to go to half-price pitcher night at La Tasca.  Of course, sangria=happy sarg.  After 2 pitchers and a fabulous time with mb, we walked to the metro.  The wait for the red line was like 2 seconds, but at Metro Center, we had almost 20 minutes, but a blue line was coming.  We were drunk and decided to get on and take it to Rosslyn to get a change of scenery (why?  who fucking knows.) As we walked on the train, we notice the floors are really dark and there's something going on with the chairs.  It looked like we had walked on to the fucking Champagne Room of the metro.  Like, carpet/crushed velvet seats, and dark floors.  We were mesmerized the entire ride to Rosslyn. 

Once there, we drunkenly stumbled off the metro and start walking just like 10 feet to a spot with like, less people.  On our way there, I almost walk into this guy, and he just kind of stops and stares, to which I respond (in true How I Met Your Mother fashion) Hi, have you met mb?  We ended up chatting it up with this guy the entire wait for the orange line, and then on the metro until Courthouse when he got off.  It was kind of random, like why was he taking the metro 1 stop, and why did we decide randomly to take the blue line instead of just waiting it out.  Anyways, he works in Rosslyn, ironically for one of my competitors.  On his way out, totally out of the blue he says, ok, Starbucks 1:30 on Monday?  I blank stared for a while, and he was like, yes 1:30 Monday.  Oh ok.  So quite possibly on Monday I'll be meeting this guy.  It was one of those very weird exchanges that I re-live and think, did that just happen?

If nothing else, even if this guy doesn't show up on Monday or we just have coffee and do nothing else, the chat last night was what I needed.  It was the slap in the face that I needed to wake up and pull out of the random man coma I was in.  I laughed a lot about it today.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've talked once or twice about my music taste and random obsessions that I have over songs.  This isn't a new song by any means, but I heard it today on Elliot in the Morning on DC101 and downloaded it today and have been listening to it at least 10 times today.  I just imagine that I would be at a huge party dancing around, drinking, and losing myself. 

Speaking of random things that I like, have you seen Up?  That movie is FUCKING HILARIOUS.  The part where they meet the talking dog Doug?  RIDICULOUS.