Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Like a Duck

I'm just sitting here, calm on the surface, but really anxious and busy and crazy under the surface.  My new role has been nutso.  It feels like I've been on this project for weeks, but it's only been 4 working days.  It's honestly so great though.  I feel totally different about work than I did, even from just a month ago.  I knew work could feel like this.

There's a lot going on and I think I can just honestly say how happy I am that this year is coming to a close. 

Last night, katmcd and I went to see Brandon Flowers in concert at the 930 club. 

I love him with the Killers, and I've seen them in concert before.  But I really didn't know much of his stuff.  It was a really great concert.  I love watching him perform and I really liked his solo music.  We were standing on the balcony up against the rail and some bitch asked katmcd if she could move down.  She said, "uhm, no, I've been here since 7pm so I could have a spot."  That girl was rude and we just stood there.  Somehow, we also ended up above what I dubbed as "couples corner."  When we looked down from the balcony, everywhere was couples.  Some were cute, some were just bizarre, and others were flat out tanked.  I don't know, I just felt a little sad watching them though.  It's probably just the holidays, and I can drink that sadness away. 

In other news, this weekend katmcd and I are driving to VA Beach for the Surf N' Santa 10-Miler.  We had so much fun at the Army 10-Miler that we decided to do another.  No pressure, it's not about the running time, it's just about completing it and really enjoying being there.  Then we'll party that night and head home on Sunday.  I've never been to VA Beach and I think it'll just be super fun. 

I cannot believe that it's December.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally, It's Tree Time

How cute is my tree ya'll?

Seriously cute right?  And if you're looking at it, and thinking, is that a football player on her tree, then let me clarify for you.  HELL YES IT IS!  I was gifted the best quarterback in the nfl, Tony Fucking Romo. 

It's no secret for my love of him and the Cowboys and I was SO happy to get it. 

I worked all week and weekend but managed to buy my tree and a vacuum at Walmart.  Most of my time though was spent working or drinking.  Look at the amount of food me and MB cooked for Thanksgiving with Zig and J Coupon.  It was all delicious too!

But honestly, so much of the last few days was just spent in bars.  Wednesday night was a super fun night at RiRa in which we actually knew someone in the band, Thursday night and last night were at CCSP.  What a really great way to spend the holiday. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Busiest Bar Night!

Tonight is the busiest night at the bars.  Happy Thanksgiving?  Sure.  Today I attempted to go to Walmart to buy my xmas tree.  FUCKING FAIL.  I got off the freeway, turned right and all I could see were red lights for miles.  I bailed immediately.  Maybe I'll try again on Saturday or Sunday.  I really want my fucking tree.

Tomorrow MB and I are waking up at the crack of dawn for our Turkey Trot 5K.  The shirt is so cute though.  On the front it says GBBLGBBL like on a license plate.  But no, I won't be wearing it tomorrow.  I kind of hate those people who wear the race day shirts on the actual race day. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So This is What Working Feels Like

Seriously, the last 2 days have been INTENSE.  I already had to turn in a first draft of a document EOD (end of day) today.  I just have no idea like what is going on.  I mean, I feel great.  I am contributing, and learning so much, and am working great on my own. 

Also, I know I'll probably get seriously hated on, but Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday and I'm already hating on it this year.  I'm running in a 5K turkey trot and I just heard the weatherman say that it's going to be freezing.  SWEET.  Not. 

I'm tired, can you tell?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Is This Week?

Oh holy shit man.  Time just flew out the window today.  It's my first day on my new project and I am LOVING IT.  These are the important things to know about my project:

1. My friend Erin is on this project, but not on my team. I met Erin actually my second day at Accenture.  She was in my start group and is younger than I am, but overall is just fun and loud and really supportive at work.  She turns out to actually be my like welcoming person on this project.  Having her on my project means that I'll have friends during all of the meetings and happy hours.  Yay!
2. Happy Hours and Parties: Erin, her coworker and another one of my start group guys Liju basically spent lunch talking about how awesome and fun the happy hours are.  Duh, I love that.
3. I had a feeling that my team, all 4 of us, would be men + me.  So yeah, 3 guys and me.  Ok, no big deal right?  We're having a team dinner with another team that some of the guys I work with also do some work on.  It's going to be at the amazing Fogo de Chao (which ps, I've never been to, but it sounds fabulous).  My coworker first says to me, "Do you eat meat?"  Uh, yeah I do.  And then he said, "How do you feel about having dinner with a lot of guys?"  Uh, what?  The other team happens to also be all men.  So dinner next week is 9 men and me, sarg.  It will be the most ridiculous work event ever. 

But really, my team seems really cool and I know it's going to be hard work but I am literally so excited.  And because my blog hasn't really seen any holiday festive-ness, I leave you now with 10 Reasons I'm Thankful To Be Single This Thanksgiving, courtesy of The Frisky:

1. The only family drama I have to deal with is my own. And that’s enough, thank you very much.

2. I can decide to change my plans last minute and hop a plane to Spain, no questions asked. God, I wish I had thought of that sooner. Maybe I’ll check ticket prices.

3. Two words. Holiday hookups. ‘Tis the season when all singles are looking to deck the halls.

4. There will be no fights over whose folks we spend Thanksgiving with.

5. I don’t have to cook for or clean up after anyone else. Boys are messy. And I’m an awful cook.

6. I can watch “A Christmas Story” or “Love Actually,” my two favorite holiday movies, uninterrupted while binging on pecan pie leftovers and wearing sweat pants.

7. Party-hopping works when you’re a party of one. I can show up at multiple Thanksgiving dinners with a bottle of wine and a pumpkin pie and be a hit.

8. I’m grateful for all the wrong-for-me-guys I’m not going to be spending the holiday with.

9. I can wake up at 5 a.m. for Black Friday doorbuster sales and not have to deal with someone whining about how early it is.

10. The wishbone is mine ... all mine!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Beers at 9am

Tomorrow morning, katmcd, MB, and I will be at this:


It's just at FedEx which is convenient. We have a full tailgate setup ready with cornhole, and food and mimosa mix ready to go.  It'll be my second college football game ever.  It's not that I never liked college football (and we already know about my obsession with pro-football) but my college didn't have a football team, so I never really got into it.  I'm really excited to go and tailgate and just have a lovely little Saturday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movie Date

So, I don't know about you, but I think there are some fabulous movies coming out in the next few weeks. 

Harry Potter
I never was into it, never read the books, but enjoyed following the movies when I could.

Love and Other Drugs
This just looks so cute.

I really love animated Disney.  Reminds me of childhood.

Tron Legacy
How bad ass does this movie look?  And how hot is that main guy?

Much like my music taste and really everything else about me, my movie tastes are sort of all over the place.  Except I HATE scary movies.  I'm also not much of a movie goer.  The last movie I saw in theaters was Date Night, during my first weekend with that douche who dumped me over the phone.  Anyways, I want to see these movies.  I think the holidays are a good time to see movies, especially people like me who don't travel for Christmas or Thanksgiving and need something to do alone rather than sit at home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Just The Rule

I'm definitely not the exception.

I'm not feeling super great right now.  I'm not sick, I'm just taking things really heavily lately.  Does that even make sense?  I've been working from home this week and I'm just so bored. I'm so thrown off by the douchebag from my last post. 


Monday, November 15, 2010

I Really Know How to Pick 'em

So last night as I'm sitting watching football, I get this email and it's from Linked In.  This guy who I haven't talked to in well....a year or so, but really in 3 years wants to connect.  ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?  Let me first just go back to my senior year of college, when I was at McFadden's one random Thursday night.  I met this tall guy who was kind of cute and chatty.  We ended up going on a sort-of date to Lucky Strike, but really had this year-long hook-up.  We did not date, we just had fun.  It was fine because I wasn't looking for anything but after literally a year or calls only after 2am, I was like, ok man, we can't do this anymore.  And that was it, we didn't chat after that.

Then last summer, after more than 2 years, I was hanging in Charlottesville, and I got an email that he Linked In me.  (Yes, I've actually been through this pattern before.)  He sent me a message also that said something to the effect of "Hey, how are you, etc."  So I sent him an email (because he had left it in his Linked In message) and was like, "Oh hey, this is so random, I'm fine, what about you?"  I then got 1 email back, then I responded, and then NOTHING.  Not only nothing, he de-Linked In me.  WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!

So now, more than a year after that, he fucking Linked In me again and my favorite is this:

First name has indicated you are a Friend.

We are not friends.  Let's also go ahead and throw out there that I just searched him on Facebook and he's in a relationship.  I hadn't even thought about this guy since he pulled this shit last year, but of course I had to search him.  Honestly, I just don't get it.  What in the hell could he have to say to me?  He wasn't ever necessarily nice to me (he certainly wasn't mean, but didn't go out of his way to be sweet, etc) when we did know each other, and a part of me actually thought that he might be in a relationship when we were hooking up.  But seriously, talk about fucking a girl up. 

So do I accept and go through this shit storm again?  Or do I be a total bitch and send him a message to the effect of, "You can't be serious"?  God I am over DC men.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Found Waldo Again

What a fabulous weekend. 

I have to quickly tangent because I realize when I wrote about going to lunch with the work guy I totally spaced on the best thing ever.  I was asking like what he had done that day because it was Veteran's day, and while I had to work, he didn't.  His response, "I went to look at bonsai trees because I want to make my apartment look more Asian."  No fucking joke.  I did everything I could do not to laugh.  He's so nice, but really ridiculous.

Ok, back to the weekend.  I've been beaming since I heard the news about my upcoming project so I'm sure that helped.  Friday night I had a committee meeting for a networking committee that I'm on at Whitlows.  I had a few beers there and then met up with MB.  From there we went to Hunan.  I've heard about this place forever and MB's always trying to get me to go, but I finally caved and omfg what weird place.  We found 2 spots at the bar luckily, sat down, and ordered beers the size of....well, I don't know what the size was, but it was more than double a pint glass.  And for only $4.00.  AMAZING.  We each had 2 of those, and got some sushi and spring rolls.  And the music was awesome.  I would have never even thought that I was in some Asian restaurant had I not ordered sushi.  After that we went to RiRa of course.  I think that's our new regular place.  We called J Coupon to come meet up with us.  Then one of the guys on my networking committee and his friend came.  I talked to people, danced a lot, and had so.much.fun.  There was one random part where the guy on my committee's friend got in a fight with some random dude.  Like pushing and probably almost punching.  J Coupon helped break it up and MB had some guy in a choke-hold.  I was pretty impressed.  That was ridiculous, but I was so waste-face that I didn't even care. 

Yesterday I had to work for a few hours and while exhausting, had talked about watching the fight.  I called up MB, Zig and J Coupon to decide on venue.  Originally it was going to be Buffalo Billiards to make it easier on Zig but he ended up bailing so we ended up at Hard Times in Springfield.  That place is....different.  It was totally packed but we managed to find a spot to stand out of the way and up against a mini-island thing. 

Another tangent coming now.  So for some reason, I remembered seeing a Pacquiao fight before, and I just assumed it was UFC.  We got there and are watching the prelims and I'm thinking, "Why are they in a boxing ring and not in the Octogon?  Luckily, MB also thought we were watching UFC, and we both had this realization moment where we both figured out we were actually watching boxing.  Whoops.  I mean, they did put the UFC fight on also, so we watched both.  And I was right, J Coupon confirmed that at one point over the last 3+ years that I have watched a Pacquiao fight.  I'm just kind of retarded or something.  Did I mention that Pacquiao has a tattoo on his chest that looks like a sperm?  Just sayin.

After having this moment, we just pulled out our Lilly Pulitzer bright pink koozies and drank our way through the fight.  We chatted with a few people, of whom included a somewhat ghetto man who moved from Centerville, a man who gave MB some of his wings, a man with a flat-top haircut, a man with super long hair slicked back, and waldo.  Seriously, Hard Times Springfield for the win. 

Following the fight, we went through the drive-thru at McDonalds for some late-night food and then I drove us home.  My favorite thing about this weekend is that we turned nothing into something.  We just had a lot of fun. 

Next week, katmcd, MB and I are headed to the Indiana/Penn State game together.  I'm looking forward to tailgating and having a great time.  Until then, this week will be a lot of document review, finishing up training, and doing last minute things.  And also, Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday.  WTF? 

I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as I did.

Friday, November 12, 2010

List of Rules

1. Cardio
2. Double Tap
18. Limber Up

I'm sitting here watching Zombieland and just hanging out.  Have you seen it?  It's pretty awesome, even though I never would have thought I would like a movie like it. 

Anyways, obviously I'm so excited about the new role with my company and today's just been so great.  I went and got a hair cut and bought 2 sweaters.  I've also been slaving away in the kitchen.  How does that one saying go....something like, chefs and bakers are different because bakers follow recipes and chefs don't.  I only say that because I'm somewhat awful with recipes.  I'm much better when I just kind of substitute things or make my own creations.

Well, something like that.  Today I made chicken and risotto.  I marinated the chicken in lemon juice, pepper, sun-dried tomato pesto, and a bit of olive oil.  Then I cooked the risotto (which I'm admitting was from a box) but was still delicious.

Nothing special, but I just get a nice feeling when I cook.  And hello, the leftovers are awesome!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holy Bananas!

I got the role with the first project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't tell, I am freakin psyched!  I think I'll be internationally traveling.  How.freakin.cool.  I start a week from Monday on the project.  I'll keep you (all like 1 of you who read it) updated with what the plan is, but not to worry, I'll be in DC most of the time, so happy hours, dinners, and parties, yes please!

In other news, I went to lunch again with my "friend" the office man.  He was nice enough to come meet me instead of me driving down to our old office area.  I think we have a definite friend thing going.  He's still very nice, but I move at a mile-a-minute and talk even faster and he's not as uhm...energetic as I am.  Totally fine, I'm just saying.  He gave me this super awkward hug, well actually, he turned to me and said, "Give me a hug."  Oh ok, we'd never hugged before.  AWK.

I really am so excited, words can't even do it justice. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Updates

No updates on the job front.  I had another call and an in-person meeting with a fabulous group from a second project.  I am stressed.  And now the first project can't let me know until tomorrow.  Will I have to choose?  I'm no good at this.  I just want to be happy in my job.  I think that just means I want to not hate the work and I want to enjoy my coworkers.

Really, does it matter?  In exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes I will be having cheap but delicious beers at Rock Bottom.  Yay!

Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway

Like a few of the bloggers I follow have talked about, I too am partaking in the Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway.  I'm pretty excited because unlike some of my blogger friends, I don't really have a family picture to put on the card and it would really challenge my to come up with something creative.  I was thinking I would put some of my favorite pictures of me with friends and my mom in them. 

I typically get like "funny" cards or something blue and sparkly, but this year I thought maybe I could try this out. 

My favorties are these:





What do you think? I mean, I've never been good with communicating with my family, particularly anyone who's not my mom or my aunt, but I've always for years sent out Christmas cards. I like that I at least have 1 tradition and I’m excited to use these picture cards. I mean, my great-grandmother is 92(I think) and I know she likes getting pictures.

I am SO excited for the holidays.  Thanks Shutterfly for getting me even more ready!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Only One Of You Can Have Me

So I've been so crazy stressed out.  I think tomorrow will at least be like the end of it.  I think.  Most of it is job driven.  I have 3 roles right now that I'm up for.  The first would be until May-ish and I'd be on a tiny team and I'd get to travel internationally (but it'd be based in DC).  The second would be until Feb and would be also in DC.  The third would be until Jan and is in Denver.  Le sigh.  I'll report back on this tomorrow.

In unrelated news, grandpa Wade got fired yesterday afternoon.  For those of you who don't know, he was the head coach of my beloved Dallas Cowboys.  I saw this coming, especially after the blowout at Green Bay.  But it's still sad. 

At least it's almost 5 and I can have a drink.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Have The Tony Romo Hangover

Seriously, I really miss him.  My poor poor team is just being dessimated by the packers and I am just depressed.  So lets just keep that feeling up.  Well maybe not depressed, just really over it all. 

Please read through this text conversation from yesterday/last night with the office man here:  (this was after a 7:30am gchat that I got from him...no I'm not awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.)

Me: Hey, sorry I saw your chat earlier but I was still asleep.  Then I overslept (oops). 
Him:  Hey, what are you up to?
Me: Took a last minute trip to Charlottesville with 2 friends.  You going out tonight?
Him: Not any more.  Had a date but I canceled it this morning.  (Editor's note: WTF?  I mean, I guess you just made it clear that we're just friends, but WHY would you tell me this?)
Me: Oh, why'd you do that?
Him: Realized she's too boring...Really pretty but no personality (Editor's note: Yet again, WTF?)
Me: Nice of you to not lead her on then.
Him: Thanks, I try. :p  (Editor's note:  VOM, emoticons)
Him: What's in Charlottesville?
Him:  Lol hanging out with the students?  (Editor's note:  obviously.)
Me: Nope.  The bars.
Him: Ah Cool.
Him: How old are you btw?  (Editor's note: If he had been so internet stalking-ish as I was, he'd already know.  Hello, I found out how old he was via Linked In.  I'm pretty fucking awesome at internet stalking.)

After this I found out he was actually 34, so I was a year or so off.  Whatever.  Also, is he going to hold it against me that I'm younger?  I guess I was a little nervous with the age difference, but like, is that something you really deal with over text?  I realize we just met but even for friends, I don't ask questions like that unless I'm looking at the person.

We've chatted a bit today but the more time goes on, the less I am interested. I don't want to talk bad about him.  He seems super nice and very laid back, but honestly....uuuugggghhhhhhh.

If I was reading this, I'd probably just laugh in my face.

100 Tabs Coming Soon To A Bar Near You

Yesterday, katmcd, MB and I took an impromptu trip down to Charlottesville.  We spent the day in a historical campus tour and then walked around the campus.  It was so beautiful.  The leaves had all changed color and it happened to be Parent's Weekend.  We walked all over campus and took pictures and just really enjoyed taking a mini-break from DC.  Of course we also went to the bookstore.  I had lost my old longsleeved UVA during the Army 10-Miler so I bought a new one and then we had a major find.  LILLY PULITZER KOOZIES.  And to make it so much better, there were 3 styles, all $5.  Mine has gators on it, one is even playing the saxophone.  They are so random and so pink, but so incredible. 

After our afternoon of walking, we tried to get my car out of the garage so we could go to my mom's place, change clothes and then head back to UVA and go to the bars.   But because of all of the parents, we couldn't get out, so instead we went to have a beer at the Virginian.  After that beer, we decided to just go to car, grab our clothes for the night, change and then repark my car closer to the bars.  We would forgo going to the apartment completely. 

First we went to the Irish bar and then we went back to the Virginian.  I was really rude to this girl from Arlington, and I really didn't mean to be, I was just not in the mood to chat with her.  10 minutes later, she was crying over some boy.  I guess she was fine.  I don't know, like, if you're going to cry, step outside, or go to the bathroom.  Don't just sit at the bar making some big scene.  Other than that, and the fact that this fucking bitch spilled her damn cranberry fucking vodka cocktail all over my cream colored sweater and ruined it, we actually had such a great time.  It was really relaxing.  And cheap.  And we had Sonic.  De-fucking-licious.

Now it's just up to the Cowboys to hopefully try and win against the pack tonight.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for a Quickie

I'm pretty tired and it's been a long day.  I'm sitting here watching the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This party for a 4 year old is costing like $50,000.  That's just ridiculously incredible and just horribly irresponsible.  I mean, I'm pretty awful with money because I love clothing, but this is just so stupid. 

The lunch date was nice.  Nothing to write home about just yet but he opened doors for me, including the car door, and payed.  I think I was awkwardly nervous because I felt like I was talking a hell of a lot.  I guess that's just what happens when you first start getting to know someone.  I also can really see the age difference, and one major red flag is that he's been here forever, but has very few friends.  So I'm just taking it for what it is, a nice guy.  And he said that I was pretty.  Honestly, it's the little things.

Tomorrow I go in to drop off my badges and then chat quickly with my boss about my feedback that he's given.  Sigh, one thing coming to a close.  I hope I get this one opportunity with my company working in Rosslyn.  I hope I hope I hope.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Open Letter to Karma.

Dear Karma,

Oh my, you do have a sick sense of humor.  What made that man(the one I met in the parking lot at work last week) leave a note on my car asking me out to lunch?  Why did he have to be from an office I'm leaving on Friday?  I have to thank you though, because if this guy sucks or is boring, I never have to see him again.  I also get a little laugh out of the fact that this happened the same day I write like my one post ever about relationships and dating.  Oh silly karma, I mean, you're not really a bitch, but you are kind of ridiculous.

So, thanks for the random lunch date that I'll be going on Thursday.  If nothing else, I'll get out of the office for an hour.


Totally unrelated, but equally important is that someone katmcd and I were in our sorority with, like at the same time, was on Millionaire Matchmaker last night.  You can read about it here.  (although please excuse the picture that she uses from 2004.  I look so horrible and young.)

Also unrelated and maybe not quite as important is that today I told MB that I am ready to set up my mini xmas tree already.  It's just so cold now and I'm just ready to see it up and listen to xmas music, and hopefully not light my tree on fire like I did last year.  Whoops.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Want You, I Need You, Oh Baby, Oh Baby

Everyone knows dating in the District and surrounding area is next to impossible. I never been able to figure out why, but many people come here out of college and are looking to have fun, or they're already coupled up with someone not from the area. In my personal experience, all of my 3 relationships in DC, including the one in college, all started out with a drunken hook up. Next thing I knew, I was in a relationship. Every time. So apparently, I'm not helping this situation.

I read multiple blogs talking about the horrible dating scene and it seems to get them down.  To that I just have to say, keep your heads up or just keep drinking.

I have to tangent for a hot second because I realize I never really talked about what happened with my last relationship over this summer. I still won't go into all of the details, but I think knowing about these events will help make it a bit more clear why I think the way I do. And if it doesn't, well, too bad. This guy basically stormed into my life, practically lived with me, told me he loved me 3 weeks into it, and then started to get mad at me for everything including losing at bocce (on the beach no less), and beer pong. The weekend of World Cup of Beer happened, and he got so mad at me that I wouldn't cheat on this game for him. Basically, think of the child game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Now exchange "tail" with "baby", and "donkey" with "Ronaldo". Same exact game though. I was judging, his team was playing, they lost. He wanted me to rule the other team disqualified. He then stormed off and wouldn't talk to me the rest of the day. We all went to the bar, and we got into another fight. Then he disappeared for 2 days, called me at work and dumped me over the phone. Ridiculous?  I think so.

Moving right along, have you ever read the Date Lab from the Washington Post Magazine? This shit is hilarious, especially when 2 people really have nothing in common. But it can be cute when they actually get a relationship out of it.  I think the best though is that I actually saw someone I knew during college on it. I wish I knew him well so I could ask him more about it, or I really wish one of my friends would do it. Date Lab is also a great time waster if you're bored.  Maybe I'll secretly submit an application for one of my friends.  That could be fun.

On another side note, I'm pretty much looking for anything that can occupy my time in the next few months.  Knowing full well that I don't travel for Thanksgiving (I have it with my little fake family here), and that I won't be going "home" for Christmas (I'm too old, an only child, and my mom's a newlywed....is there something awkward about those 3 things?), and my sports seasons are on hiatus until late January, I'm going to be in need of a time occupier.  So far I've signed up for another 10-Miler in VA Beach in December.  Maybe I'll actually train for this one.....yeah probably not.  I'm far too lazy and I hate running.  Then what?  The holidays are fastly approaching (gross right?) and I'm just still confused on where the hell 2010 went.  It seems like just yesterday was NYE 2009 where I was being called by my friend Justin at 6am asking me to come get him while he was roaming the streets of upper Georgetown in a hospital gown. Don't ask.

One other thing.....OH HEY WINTER.

EDIT:  3 other quick bits
1. On Thursday, I called this guy who is consistently rude to me in my office a jackass to his face.  I felt avenged and it was wonderful, although not professional.
2.  Today, I released Tony in fantasy football.  I've never not owned him...even when he was injured before, in all of my leagues, in all 3 years that I've played.  This is so sad. 
3. Randy Moss....are you seriously getting released from the Vikings.  YOU ARE SO DUMB.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

I wish I was a baller.

Today has been really stressful.  I found out that I'm rolling off of my project on Friday (THANK FUCKING GOD).  But now that means I have to find a new project, and hopefully quick.  I'm really looking forward to moving on because I know what other great clients and projects my company has.  Another plus side...this girl is working from home today.  I just finished a nice work out (first in a few days...whoops) and am just thinking that it looks so beautiful outside.  My balcony has the nicest view of Arlington and Falls Church and I just get to see all of the trees with their leaves changing colors.  Makes me really wish I had a fireplace.  The yule log channel doesn't really give that warming feeling so well.

Yesterday, I couldn't drag my ass out of bed/off my couch to support the Marine Corps Marathon runners, but I did manage to pull it together and get to the bar for the Cowboys game.  What a depressing season it's been.  With Tony out, we're just going downhill.  Granted, I will still be at the bar every week getting harassed for liking America's Team.  I mean, I'm from Dallas, just get over it already.

Also, one of my favorite movies ever is on.  Meatballs, the one with Bill Murray from the 70s.  I have NO clue why I like this movie, but I really just do. 

I wish it was the weekend, I'm ready to get drunk, and since I haven't done many happy hours lately, I can't justify sitting around my apartment having a cocktail with Firefly vodka and passing out.  Here's hoping.