Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dingo Ate My Baby And I Needed New Boots

Oh thank goodness I actually got into the office today!  It was so nice and I actually learned some stuff, which is always nice.

I just bought these:

Like?  Gosh I wish fall was here already.  I'm Boston  bound in early November and I am thinking heavy sweaters, boots and jeans will be my wardrobe for that trip.  Oh and jackets, because duh, it gets cold there.

I've also been debating on signing up for a blog-goodie swap for the fall.  I finally did it, and I couldn't be more excited to shop for fall things for my swap-mate.

Too bad it's 77 with a humidity of like 99% outside.  Boo.


Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah! I'm your Fall's Favorite Finds blog swap partner!! I just wanted to go ahead and say hey and get your address for where I should ship the swap items to :) I'll leave you my email address and the link to my blog since it has all my contact info.

sarg said...

Yay! Super excited, I'll email you now!