Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes Man

Have you seen this movie?  It's so random and funny.  I bought it from Target for $5 today.  Totally worth it.

So while, I'm hanging out at home, I've been on mission clean my closet/clothing out.  I've gotten pretty far too, including buying some fabric boxes today for flip flops and office supplies.  Random assortment, I realize.  I feel better when things are clean.  And right now, about everything else in my life, I feel like a disaster.  I can't believe I'm still just waiting for some job paperwork to come through before I can go in.  That's about 7 weeks I've been just sitting at home.  I AM BORED.

On a separate note, and really a happy one, I've got some great things upcoming and I'm doing my best to keep focused on that.  Trip to Boston/Amherst for UMASS homecoming, Disney World in January for my first 1/2 marathon and Mike's first trip to Disney as an adult, and of course the holidays!!  Today was the first day it actually felt like fall.  I mean, it was cold and wet and miserable.  I was ready today to pull out my sweaters, boots, and trench coat.

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