Monday, October 10, 2011

Army 10 Miler Finisher

So another year, another (my second!) Army 10-Miler.  I'm so proud to say that Kathleen and I took 10 minutes off our last 10-Miler time!  I'm not a super fast runner, and I do take walking breaks, but I'm just really happy with that time.  It makes me feel a bit more confident especially since I really did no training more than running like, 3 miles at a time, and only for the last few weeks.  I think this will make the 1/2 marathon in January a bit more easy.

And in 3 weeks, I just have to run 6 miles for a 10K, my first ever 10K.  I think that's backwards though, aren't you supposed to start with the small distances?  Oops.

Yay running!

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