Sunday, October 23, 2011

Outlet Shopping

So yesterday the dude and I went to the outlet mall.  Originally we had some plans to head to a college football game, but we had friends out of town or taking it easy this weekend, so we followed suit.  I haven't been real hard-core shopping in probably a few years.  I tend to buy 1 or 2 things here or there, but never in bulk-ish.  We both seriously made out on this trip though.

Here's what he had:
Banana Republic: A nice heavy coat and a puffy vest
Brooks Bros:  Sweater ($18-one of the best deals of the day)
Gap:  Sweater and Jeans
DSW: 2 pairs of dress shoes

And what I had:
BR: 2 tanks, a sweater, and 2 blouses
Gap: 2 sweaters
Loft: a sweater
Express: pair of jeans

There's possibly a few things that I forgot, but I paid under $150 for all of my goodies.  That's absurd pricing. I know one of my blouses from BR was like, $5.  I feel so good and am in sweater heaven.

Our closet is exploding though.  I guess that's one major thing to deal with when combining apartments.  Sharing.  I'm bad at it.

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