Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mixed Signals

If you really want to laugh, do yourself a favor when you're having a rough day and click this link: http://trololololololololololo.com/

It's the stupidest thing EVER.  But it's ridiculously funny. 

I went out last night, on a school night, with MB, for Mike from Mike and Mike in the morning's birthday.  I hurt today.  I would seriously go to sleep now and sleep until tomorrow.  And I had so much fun, but he's killing me with the mixed signals crap.  It all goes back to that yellow/red flag and him just getting out of a 3 year relationship.  I swear, my timing.....boo.

Also, I move in like, 5 days.  I haven't even started packing.  UGHHHHHHHH.

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