Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Oh boy, I've been on a shopping kick lately.  In the last week and a day or so, I've bought 2 pairs of jeans, a work skirt, 2 tank tops, 2 pairs of shoes, a work bag, and new 600 thread count sheets. And I move in 2 weeks.  Holy crap.

Last Saturday katmcd, Glen Coco, Mike and Mike in the morning, and my coworkers E, B, and K all came out for the DC Leprechaun Lap.  Oh holy crap, it was awesomely fun.  Everybody was blackout, I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out with katmcd and one of the Mikes what the hell happened to us.  We still don't know, but I know we had such a great time. 

Work is going well still, really busy as usual.  And I've been going on a few dates/spending time with a good guy.  He treats me really well and I'm pretty happy about that. 

This weekend I'm looking forward to floor seats to the Wizards/Clippers game and this man:

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