Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Love Butler!

I think I'm the only person in the world who picked Butler to beat Pitt in my bracket.  Was that game not ridiculous? 

I was out watching the fight with MB in Eastern market at the Ugly Mug.  Then we wandered down to Pour House.  I haven't been feeling all that well reacently since Mike and Mike's birthday and then St. Patrick's Day.  Oh St. Patrick's day.  Let me just tell you, never go to Chinatown when NCAA tournament is there AND it's a national drinking holiday.  It was a disaster.  Then we met up with friends at a new beirgarten called Standard near U st.  After that, we bounced around to Bar Pillar and Sullys and then cabbed home. 

About this mixed signals thing I mentioned in the last post, I've talked it over with many people and him, and all I can say is....Oh, boys, you're so stupid.  In the end, I just was honest, and he's been amazing.  He even helped me pack yesterday and watched basketball with me and took me and MB out last night.

Speaking of last night, let me just describe the fucking weirdest metro ride ever.  We get to Capitol South metro where this group of people are holding this girl up who is collapsing from alcohol, then the metro lady comes over and tries to save her.  We go downstairs and this guy starts chatting with us, and it turns out he's their underage gay friend.  He then missed his metro with the rest of his friends and metroed with us to Metro Center where he consistently asked MB to go get Jumbo Slice with him, although he's gay and was telling us about how this was his first time wearing makeup.  Followed by this clown leaving, two more got on the metro and started talking with MB.  She had a whole conversation with them lying, telling them she was from Canada.  Then the two guys texted each other....while sitting next to each other.  Ridiculous.  I was so over it. 

Today I went to Rosslyn and ate my first Dim Sum.  Well maybe not, but they brought it around on carts and it was such a delicious brunch.  And I really liked the company. 

Tomorrow is moving day for me and Zig.  And obviously excited.  I love living alone, but I know that this will be fine and very fun.  Sigh, ok, here we go.

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