Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge-Day 1, 2, 3

Wow, I've been so busy and horribly bad at keeping up with this thing.  Since I was also a little dry for topics to write about, I figured I'd follow in my friend katcmd's footsteps on her blog Leggings are Not Pants, and participate in Beaufort Belle's 30 day challenge. 

Since obviously it's already the 3rd of April, I've got a few to catch up on.

Day 01
A picture of yourself and 10 fun facts.

1. My name is Sarah but I feel like nobody ever calls me that. I have a ton of nicknames.
2. I am deathly afraid of scary movies.
3. My idea of a perfect marriage is an amazing husband, no children, fantastic travel, doing something adventurous every day, even if it's just trying new foods.
4. I live for the beach.  I absolutely love the sound of the ocean and the smell of being near a beach.
5. I've never been much of a reader. I guess I read a lot as a kid (hello babysitters club and boxcar children) and somehow just fell out of love with it.
6. I am an only child and LOVE IT.
7. I lived in California and Texas and moved to the DC area almost 8 years ago.
8. I have practically no artistic talent.  I'm a true jock but I can at least appreciate art.
9. I majored in Engineering in college.
10. I can't sew at all.

Day 02
A picture of you and the person you've known the longest.
That's me on the night of my engineering graduation in college.  My mom's on the left, my aunt's on the right.  Both have had husbands come and go and both are now happily in long term relationships with amazing men, but in my head, it's always been the 3 of us (4 of us when my grandma was alive).  Even though I have other family, these 2 wonderful women are what I consider my favorite family.

Day 03
A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

Army Wives cast.  I've watched this show from the beginning and just absolutely cannot stop watching it.  And I cry almost every week when it's on.

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Beaufort Belle said...

I am so glad you decided to play along! Just reading the days, it seemed like it would be fun! Can't wait to check back every day and see what else I can learn about you!