Monday, February 28, 2011

This Will Probably Be A Long One

But first I have to pay my respects to a few people.  First is my great-grandmother.  She passed away last week.  She had such a great life, and a long one, 95 years.  Second is someone I didn't know very well, but our paths crossed a few times as he was a friend of my ex's.  His name was Sean, I think he was around my age and he passed away this weekend from a heart attack, or so they think.  So to both of those people, I hope they find peace, and know that lots of people cared for you both.

Now, moving on to good things, there's a few giveaways:
1. My friend Legs over at Steak and Legs is giving away some Disney memorabilia.  Who doesn't love that?
2. Over at Quarter Life Prep, she's celebrating her blogaversary with some awesome prizes.

Moving on from that, work is just moving along very nicely.  It's getting stressful, but I'm still having a great time.

This Saturday a nice group of friends are going to be on a bar crawl in DC for St. Patrick's Day.  Please don't ask me why this is 2 weeks early, because I honestly have NO idea.  I'm really looking forward to because I had such a great time on it last year. 

Last weekend was one of my bff MB's birthday.  She chose to go to Mighty Pint to start.  Katmcd was nice enough to pick up some awesome glasses and a sash for MB and then bought us all some beads.  We bounced around there for a while before moving on to Bottom Line.  My Mike from Mike and Mike in the morning was nice enough to come too!  He's really pleasantly surprised me, and I get to see him twice this week.  He is exciting and treats me well.  I hope he thinks the same of me (exciting, kind, fun).  Anyways, MB had a great time and everyone was just in a good mood.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Tonight was terrible on the metro, but MB and I went on a really nice trip to Pentagon City and I bought some good stuff, and then I went to the gym.  It was a very up and down Monday.

OH FML.  I just got an email from my ex. 

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