Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Fail

Well maybe not a life fail, but a life downer.  Super Bowl weekend was just amazing.  Buffalo Billiards for the UFC fight, Front Page for tequila and men, and a family football Sunday.  Seriously fun.   I have a new chatty, meet people life and it's going..........well, I think.

Today I didn't get my coffee date, but that's ok.  I wrote earlier that I would be fine if he didn't show.  Granted, I wasn't alone and I didn't stay past actually just getting my own coffee.  That's what 2pm meetings will do to you. 

This week, my coworker B is going under for ACL repair.  While I feel bad for him, he's leaving at the worst time ever.  But I can't focus on that because I have 8am and 8pm calls, and a PACKED work schedule.  I keep telling myself, get to Thursday, get to Thursday.  YAY LA TASCA and sangria with katmcd and mb.  I'm kind of excited because this is the time I will prove to my bosses and myself that I can do this job and do it well.  Wish me luck!