Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shiny Happy People

I realize that isn't the real video but the original video wouldn't let me fucking embed it.  Of course.

Anyways, I really love love REM.  Seriously, I had my first encounter with them when I was about 10 and I've had a secret soft-spot for them ever since.

I could not ask for better friends.  After a 60 hour work week, I love that I can count on them to party like the best of them with me.  Last night mb, katmcd, and I went to Bottom Line.  Glen Coco came for a while too!  After a while, I was just not having the greatest time and was thinking that I was just wasting time and money and since I have volleyball today I closed my tab around 12 with every intention of going home.  No later than me putting down the pen I signed my check with do I look to my right and see Banana Bread Ray!  BBR is a friend of mb and I's who we met actually while watching football last year (2009) at the pub.  He is legitimately the nicest guy ever and his friends were hilarious.  We ended up hanging out with them and taking yeager bombs (I had at least 2....ick) and having a great time until the bar started to close up.  The best tab was $10.  I FUCKING LOVE THE BOTTOM LINE.

And not to toot my own horn, but I curled my hair last night and this morning it looks fucking amazing.  What the hell?  Ok, I'll take it.

And now, off to volleyball!

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