Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Out On School Nights

Oh crap, Sarg went out on a school night and had tooooooooo much fun.  Last night, my little from my sorority who works part time at Sign of the Whale invited me to their staff invite night.  It was a free hour of open bar from 9 to 10.  So MB and I trekked there, and on the way saw something like this van:

It pulled over right as we were walking by, but then I noticed it was a church group, and they had a few more not-so-creepy vans behind it.  Weird.

Then, Zig came and met us and we enjoyed the free hour of booze and then it started to get crowded....really crowded.  Zig said he had a friend who was bartending like at the next bar, Mighty Pint, so we went there.  On our way out of Sign of the Whale I had a traumatizing sighting of my ex from college. 

At Mighty Pint, Becky from Becky's Fund (of whom I've gone to Gold Cup with and get their emails, etc) was having some random thing where you vote on her laptop for.....something, and you get a free shot.  So I had that to shake off the ex sighting, and they also were giving out pop chips and MB and Zig confiscated like 5 bags.  It was pretty funny.  Mighty Pint was a total blast, MB and I shortly met these 2 friends, Mike and Mike.  No lie.  Had I mentioned that on Saturday night MB and I met 2 guys named Winston and Vladimir.  We checked their id's naturally. 

Anyways, back to Mike and Mike, I have no idea how we even started chatting with them, but I ended up dancing the night away and then we had a nice little evening.  Although I have one complaint, this morning my face was so damn red from his scruff on his face.  Dear friend, shave your face, because it's hurting mine.  K thanks bye.  Anyways, today I was dead.  So dead that I didn't get to work until 11.  Whoops.  Then I had to come home and take a nap because I just can't function.  I'm even skipping the gym tonight because I just don't have the energy, which is unheard of for me.

Well, it's time for some Pretty Little Liars and an early bedtime.

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