Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love Conference Calls

Today my schedule was:
8am con call
1:30 con call
8pm con call (I'm waiting for that one now)

Tomorrow my schedule is:
6:30am con call (being picked up to go to the office at 6:10am...UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH)
8am con call
9am meeting
8pm con call

I was so incredibly busy and productive that it was fabulous.  I forgot how much I like being a go-to person at work and being able to joke around but be amazing at work.  Not to toot my own horn obviously. 

I'm ready for happy hour on Thursday and I'm ready to meet more people (cough:men:cough).  I'm still happy despite what happened yesterday and I'm feeling refreshed, which after 7, almost 8 years in 1 location, is really hard to do.  DC has now surpassed Texas as the second longest time I've lived in 1 area.  Weird.

Also, I'm so ready for warm weather.  Was yesterday not the most ridiculous teaser?  I dream of the days when I'll be tubing down the river, chilling at the pool, playing softball with friends, and patio drinking.

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