Friday, February 4, 2011

So Now I Get Dates on the Metro?

Last night was quite possibly the best Thursday that I've had in months.  MB and I had plans to go to the DC Auto Show and see Randy Orton. 

GOOD LORD THAT MAN IS HOT.  He is as hot in person as he is on tv.  I realize that someone like him would never ever want anybody like me, and I would really not ever want to be with someone like him.  But goodness, I'm going to keep on looking.

After walking around for a bit, checking out cars and people-watching, we headed to Bar Louie to get these amazing S'more martinis and some dinner.  The service was awkwardly slow and we decided to go to half-price pitcher night at La Tasca.  Of course, sangria=happy sarg.  After 2 pitchers and a fabulous time with mb, we walked to the metro.  The wait for the red line was like 2 seconds, but at Metro Center, we had almost 20 minutes, but a blue line was coming.  We were drunk and decided to get on and take it to Rosslyn to get a change of scenery (why?  who fucking knows.) As we walked on the train, we notice the floors are really dark and there's something going on with the chairs.  It looked like we had walked on to the fucking Champagne Room of the metro.  Like, carpet/crushed velvet seats, and dark floors.  We were mesmerized the entire ride to Rosslyn. 

Once there, we drunkenly stumbled off the metro and start walking just like 10 feet to a spot with like, less people.  On our way there, I almost walk into this guy, and he just kind of stops and stares, to which I respond (in true How I Met Your Mother fashion) Hi, have you met mb?  We ended up chatting it up with this guy the entire wait for the orange line, and then on the metro until Courthouse when he got off.  It was kind of random, like why was he taking the metro 1 stop, and why did we decide randomly to take the blue line instead of just waiting it out.  Anyways, he works in Rosslyn, ironically for one of my competitors.  On his way out, totally out of the blue he says, ok, Starbucks 1:30 on Monday?  I blank stared for a while, and he was like, yes 1:30 Monday.  Oh ok.  So quite possibly on Monday I'll be meeting this guy.  It was one of those very weird exchanges that I re-live and think, did that just happen?

If nothing else, even if this guy doesn't show up on Monday or we just have coffee and do nothing else, the chat last night was what I needed.  It was the slap in the face that I needed to wake up and pull out of the random man coma I was in.  I laughed a lot about it today.

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