Sunday, December 26, 2010

Things Never to Use as a Pickup...Story

It all started with this giant ring on my finger at the bar on Wednesday.  It's not real, but it's large and has lots of (fake) diamonds.

Who bought you that ring?  You bought it yourself?  Oh well you deserve someone to buy you jewelry. (Uhm, yeah thanks are you offering?)
You haven't had sex in how long?  Wow that's a long time. I get laid about every 4th or 5th trip (this man travels for his job, which equates to maybe 3-4 cities in a week or so, minimum 2 trips a month.)

I may have paraphrased some of that, but the gist is that this man katmcd was chatting with kept talking to MB and I after katmcd left and those are a few gems that he said to me.  I knew someone who did a job like his once, so I think he was kind of shocked to see that I called him out hooking up with girls so much.  Admittedly he was pretty nice and took a lot of my shit but honestly, I really don't need a man who doesn't live here, travels 90% of the time, and is at an average rate of 6 girls a year.  I',m not really judging though, because I was crazy awful in college, but at my age, and his age for that matter, that seems a bit high.  And that's certainly not the point. 

The holidays have been overall pretty nice and filled with a lot of ice skating, movie watching, football watching, and boozing.  Speaking of movie watching, JCoupon, Zig and I saw Tron Legacy yesterday.  HOLY BADASS MOVIE BATMAN.  It was so awesome.  And Daft Punk did a great job with the soundtrack.  Yay. 

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