Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night was movie date night with MB and we saw Love and Other Drugs.  It was....ok.  I loved Jake Gyllenhall's character, but Anne Hathaway drove me nuts.  I really liked watching their relationship develop throughout the movie and it was interesting seeing how the move progressed.  I wonder if maybe I just didn't like it because I have so little faith that people(read: men) are like that.  After the movie, I went to bed and slept until 12 the next day. 

Saturday I had to close at work, but it was awesome because mb was also closing.  Afterwards, we moved across the street to RiRa and met up with katmcd and Uncle Sam, this boy she's kind of seeing.  As a back story, the 3 of us met Uncle Sam at the Night of the Living Zoo party.  He remembered katmcd's name, facebooked her, and they've been friends ever since.  I barely recognized him sans costume but he was tall and cute and so nice.  He was constantly asking mb and I questions and was super engaging.  Well done katmcd.  RiRa was as usual a fabulous time.  MB had us all taking oatmeal cookie shots(I have no clue what the hell was in this) and peppermint patty shots(peppermint schnapps and chocolate syrup).  We were dancing and singing to this small trio band.  

Oh, quick sidenote, Uncle Sam and I did this shot which was straight vodka with an olive.  He said that if I take the shot and then eat the olive, I won't taste the vodka at all.  I don't like olives, so I just took the shot, pushed the olive aside and moved on.  But question, does that actually work?

Today was spent at work almost all day.  I was pissed because I missed the Cowboys/Skins game, but I heard they won, so that's awesome.  I'm just closing up the day with some movies and hopefully heading to bed early.  I have a weird thought that even though this is only a 3 day week it's going to be SUPER long.  But I still have 5 unopened presents (I only opened 1 so far!) to open on Saturday morning.  I'm proud of myself.  Happy Christmas Week!

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