Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Death and Taxes

Quite a bit is happening right now.  Because I now have a move date, I'm going through my apartment and analyzing if I actually need things.  It's applying to all areas of my life now though.  Trying to get my debt all settled, cleaning out all of my old clothes, and getting my taxes done.  Stupid stupid taxes.  But I feel good and accomplished, which I needed.

Also, how great is the movie Stranger than Fiction?  Really good.

Anyways, totally unrelated, I've been thinking a lot about the mess I've become in my personal life over the last few weeks and I've come to a conclusion.  I know how much other bloggers I read love graphs so I'm obliging:

As I become happier in my job, I become more of a hot mess at an exponential rate.  Therefore, high job satisfaction=high level of hot mess.  It's amazing how much job satisfaction affects me.

This Friday is my company's Winter Social.  It's at the National Building Museum which is a gorgeous building that I once went to and had a horrible NYE at.  I'm looking forward to erasing that memory.  I'm having a quick little get-together before the party and then will most likely be at RiRa to see a friend's band.  And I'm hoping to have a fabulous dress to wear.  Yay awesome weekend coming up.  But first, must get through this week.

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