Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lo Siento

I haven't been writing for absolutely no reason.  I have a ton going on.  Friday night I found out that Zig and I got our apartment and we move in March.  Luckily for me, I'm just moving 3 floors, he's moving from DC.   Hahahaha.  Awesome.  I'm kind of looking forward to having a roommate again. 

Work is going really well.  I love my team, and after this meeting on Thursday, my coworker B and I were talking about how our team is a bunch of like, clownish misfits.  We are so different comparative to other teams.  We're very good, but we come off much less serious.  It's awesome. 

Today is volleyball day, followed by day drinking while watching MB's Bears win against the pack. 

Also, let me digress for a minute about my trip to Target yesterday.  I went to the one in Alexandria even though I know traffic down there sucks.  I just need to remember, never go to that Target during the weekend.  It was a horrible disaster.  I played bumper carts with everyone and they didn't even have half the stuff I wanted/needed.  It was stupid.

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