Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do Not Want: Pajama Jeans

Oh Pajama Jeans, you are just not cute.
Even if you decided to buy these, they don't actually look like jeans.  People would notice if you were sitting next to them and you were wearing fake jeans and then they would certainly judge you for it, just as I would. 

I've been really really sick these last few days.  I woke up yesterday with a very bad fever of 102 and got some penicillin(treatment for strep throat) from MinuteClinic.  That place is a godsend.  Seriously. 

I should be back at work and in some performance shape by tomorrow, I hope. 


The Divorced Guy said...

I think something must be going around. I woke up this morning with a fever of 101 and I feel like my chest has been hacked open with a butcher knife.

And you are right, those fake jeans, I would judge too.

sarg said...

Awesome. Well hopefully your NYE was really good and you'll be back to your normal self soon. Feel better.