Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tree is Down

Today I had to work an early shift and then MB and I went to Crumbs in Clarendon.  They were giving away free cupcakes because they just opened.  I'm not big on cake honestly, and cupcakes don't really do it for me, but I figured I'd try it.  I got the Grasshopper, chocolate with mint frosting and chocolate chips.  It was pretty good, but it's the size of a fucking muffin.  It's so heavy and will take me a few sittings to actually get through. 

Then I ran quickly to Pentagon City to return something, but ugh, that place is such a disaster.  I came home and took the tree down, now there is this empty space in my apartment.  It stares at me and is angry that it doesn't have a cute tree in it.  I also dug out my ironing board to throw out.  This ironing board has a story and a history with it, because it was bought for me by somebody I thought I wanted to be with back in 2008.  He was a total relationship failure, and for some reason I kept the board.  Did I mention that I haven't had an iron in over a year?  So my mom bought me a steamer for Christmas, and today I threw out the ironing board.  I feel good. 

Last night, MB, Zig, and I met for happy hour at the Bottom Line.  I love that bar.  $1 Miller Lites on Friday night?  Yes please.  Tonight MB and I will be going to Rustico to have dinner and drinks.  Also there will be some playoff football watching perhaps. 

Yet again, 2011>2010.

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