Saturday, January 29, 2011

That Time I Got Punched in a Semi-Formal Dress

Last night was my firm's Winter Social and let me just say...SUCCESS.  I hosted a wonderful pregame.  Lots of food and really fun people from work and of course my date for the evening, katmcd.  Everyone was dressed up and looking gorgeous.  At around 8:15 we hopped in 3 cabs and headed for the National Building Museum.  The building was just as gorgeous as I remember.  We checked our coats and started heading for the food and for the bar. 

The place is so big, and there were SO many people there, that honestly we all got separated, but thanks to the invention of cell phones, we all met up at Rocket Bar with Zig.  I dont' know how, but my entire project team showed up there, minus my friend E of course.  I have NO clue where she wandered off to after the Building Museum.  Anyways, I started to lose my sense of......self control(?) again and started bouncing around.  Zig and katmcd eventually both left and I stayed.  I was hanging out with people that I have seen in like 2 months, and then of course my project team who are AMAZING. 

I am not sure why, but I think I got punched or like, knocked in the jaw by my coworker.  No clue.  Then when I woke up this morning there was basically a warped piece of pizza sitting on my stove top.  Wtf?  I guess I came home and tried to cook it but didn't pay attention and it was burnt to a crisp.  Kind of sad right?

Tonight...Rira.  Watch out!

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