Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Hey 2011

Happy New Year friends.  How is it treating you so far? 

Let me just tell the epic battle that is going to be 2011 Bad Life Decisions v. Sarah (Good Life Decisions), I am already down like 10 to 0. 

Last night was wonderful though.  My friend A and her bf D hosted a really nice pregame get-together and we drank plenty of Boones Farm and some really randomly delicious strawberry champagne type drink and dirty shirleys and beer and power hour and crab cakes.  Oh man, it was great.  Then me, mb, zig, and jcoupon tried to get into Rira, but they had a 20 dollar cover and a line that was at a dead stop.  These 2 guys behind us had just come from Hard Times and decided to head back there.  I started talking to them and we decided to tag along.  Of course, my bartender friend Joey is working so we got to hang out with him.  We all had gotten some party favors and hats from A's party and we were taking some pics and taking a lot of shots.  A LOT OF SHOTS.  I think my tab was like 15 dollars.  SWEET. 

Following the champagne toast and a lot of alcohol, we went to Silver Diner.  I honestly have barely any recollection of eating my delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and home fries which is kind of sad.

I woke up this morning at 8 fucking o'clock.  8 AM.  FML.  After talking to one of my coworkers today we decided it was because of all of the sugar in the boones and champagne and stuff.  I went to my couch and watched the Rose Parade and some of Eurotrip.  How fucking awesome is that movie?  It's so stupid, but it's really hilarious.  Anyways, I had to go to work a bit this afternoon and tomorrow I have to work super early, and then I'll go watch my Cowboys in their last game of the season. 

Honestly, I'm already having a great year though.  Last night was spent with some of the greatest people/fake family members and it was low key, relaxed, and knocked me out.  Yay 2011!

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