Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Things Bachelor Related

So it occurs to me that I skipped out on telling you about my Friday night and Saturday night. 

Saturday night I worked until 9 and then the rest is quickly recapped over at my friend katmcd's blog, and it includes a lot of flip cup and a run in with 4 contestants of the Bachelor/Bachelor Pad: Ashley(BP), Ashleigh(from Jake's season), Natalie(BP winner!), and Elizabeth(BP).   The side story to katmcd finding them is that I had actually heard Ashley on Elliot in the Morning on DC101 earlier in the week talking about getting a Boomerang Bus and partying around DC.  I knew they would be in DC, but I really dismissed it thinking there was no way they'd ever be where we were.  So wrong.  I actually talked to Ashley about this and she told me they couldn't get enough tickets sold, so they refunded everyone and told them to meet at 19th.  What are the odds?

Friday night was not too much of anything really.  I worked until 10 and then met katmcd, Doug Funny, MB, and K2 and the metro to go to a kickball friend's birthday over at Front Page.  It was ok, but it was kinda late and I wasn't drinking much.  We then wandered over to Big Hunt, and then went home.  Nothing too spectacular.

Tonight is an ADPi alum happy hour at my favorite restaurant....La Tasca.  Sangria, check.  Tapas, check.  Sisters, check.  My little has texted me and gchatted me 3 times just this week to double check that I'm coming.  I'm pretty excited about sangria getting back into my system.  Typically we go on Thursdays because they have half-price pitchers.  Tonight I'm not sure what their special is.  But that's ok. 

Tomorrow is kickball night and then almost the weekend.  And really, I'm just counting the days until Hilton Head (3 for those counting with me).  Yay vacation!

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