Thursday, September 23, 2010

Call Me Snookie, or Snooks, or Snickers

Hilton Head was amazing.  We layed out, sat in fabulous cabanas with fruity cocktails, played in the waves, watched football, and had a fantastic time.

One of the things I did was I finally saw one of the Twilight movies.  It was New Moon, and it was showing at our resort outside.  Honestly, I could have done without the thousand of bug bites I now have, but the movie itself was pretty good.  I felt bad because I kept asking katmcd questions (bc she loves Twilight and has seen the movies) about things that happened in the first movie that I didn't understand.  I liked the movie, I need to see the other ones though.  One thing I don't understand is how she just hopped a flight from Seattle to Italy with no money and was there within like 12 hours.  I didn't get it.  But that's ok, because I liked the movie and I'm interested in seeing the rest. 

Also, everyone on this vacation, and not just our group, but others also, LOVED beer koozies.  There was even a class/event at our resort for decorating your own koozie.  At the Ohio State bar we went to on Sat, they even gave them away.  Pretty sweet, no?

The Cowboys lost on Sunday to the Bears, and while MB is happy since she's a Bears fan, I was not.  But I just told myself that I was on vacation and since I didn't get to watch, that the game didn't actually happen.  Hahahaha.  And how did I do in fantasy?  I lost.  Badly.  In both leagues. 

And the entire trip to Hilton Head can be summed in these four things:

Teen Mom:

Jersey Shore (they called me Snookie, Snooks, or Snickers all week/weekend):

Little Tiger Snooze:

Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids, Even Hide Your Husband:

Just a fabulous trip and Happy Birthday katmcd!

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