Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Sorority

Tonight is pref night at my alma mater, GW.  I was an ADPi there and still feel like that sorority changed my life.  probably around 60% of my current friends are ADPis (that's almost 5 years after we graduated college).  My little was a freshman when she came through, I was a senior, and now she's 21 and graduated and working.  We get to meet for cocktails and I get really confused about it.  I'm feeling kind of sad that I'm not there still living in the sorority house and running around campus like crazy prepping for class or for some random party we're having.  Watching the videos that have been posted from different recruitment nights, I get that butterfly feeling of going through recruitment and opening my bid day envelope.  I was only 17.  Did I mention that in 1 week I turn 25?  Holy crap time is flying. 

Anyways, tonight is katmcd and I's joint birthday dinner, and this year it's at Occidental.  It looks delicious.  It's also the last week of kickball for the year, and Friday we're Disney World bound.  Yay!

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