Friday, September 3, 2010

Whipped Cream Bear Paw

So, what exactly is a whipped cream bear paw?

First, you put a pile of whipped cream in your hand (or bear paw).


Then, you basically wipe someone in the face.  That is a whipped cream bear paw.  And it's what I received last night at kickball. 

Kickball was a big blur.  I know I told katmcd at 8pm that I was totally wasted.  Just take a look at this email for proof (this event took place after we left the bar and were sitting at FB Metro stop):

"Best introduction ever:

Loud and obnoxiously drunk Sarg to fellow kick-baller: "HAVE YOU MET TOM?!?!"

Random kid I lived with first-year of college who just happened to be walking down the stairs of the Metro: "Yes, actually I have"

Sarg: "Who the fuck is he?"

I kinda pity her, she lives in the same building as him lol.
-- Tom"

This kid also had 26 cans of soup.

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