Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In A Trance

Since I'm like total zone out girl today, I'll just leave you with this:

Sorry but I love this song and both video versions.  And hi, Enrique is HOT.

Oh, and a mini review of Occidental:

The restaurant was nestled in between no less than 4 metro stops, but I chose Metro Center.  It as a gloomy and rainy evening but inside the restaurant was nice quiet atmosphere, full of framed solo pictures or portraits of famous people, mostly politicians I think. 

I asked the waitress what she would suggest, and to my annoyance she said, "Well our meat and fish are delicious and are very popular."  All that's on their menu (mainly) is meat and fish.  I was hoping for some more like...direction. 

Katmcd and I decided to split the Cheese and Crab Fondue for an appetizer.  This was amazing and so filling but the crab meat was delicious.  They only brought out 5 little pieces of toast for this, and as katmcd is taking the 5th piece, she says, "Why would they only give you 5 pieces of toast for this entire bowl?"  In truth, it was a lot of dip.  No sooner did she finish that sentence, that someone brought out more toast saying how he saw that we were empty.  Random, but very nice. 

katmcd had the NY Strip.  It looked very good, and thinking back, I wish I would have gone with my guy and got the Filet.  She said it was pretty good, but expected a bit more from presentation and sides or sauces.

I got the Rainbow Trout stuffed with Crab Meat.  The fish itself was pretty good and a lot of crab meat was given, but I admit that I'm a bit of a sauce person.  There were 2 on my plate, one orange one that I really didn't like, and one creamy white sauce that was over some peas and other beans, that was ok at best. 

Maybe I was just too stuffed from the appetizer.  Overall it was a nice experience though.  I really enjoy trying different restaurants and food.  Happy birthday to katmcd and I!

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