Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In 1 Work Day and 2 Hours of Work

In that amount of (work) time, I will be with these people:

At this location:

Can you tell that I'm a little one-track minded recently?

I have to apologize about it actually, but ever since I went to Hilton Head and then came back to the same miserable series of events from before I left, I've been somewhat depressed about life.  The weekend was so great, but with the drama that K2's putting in my life right now, my current role assignment just being total crap, and other just home business, I am so stressed out.  Work days feel like they're 20 hours long, and I'm just pining for the moment I get to leave and go to fabulous locations with amazing people. 

I had always vacationed when I was younger, but I was young and didn't have siblings, and didn't get to experience anything big and awesome like I currently get to do with my trips abroad, to beaches, Disney, etc.  (Not to mention, that as a child I lived an hour away from Disneyland and went there no less than 3 times a year.)  I love them and it doesn't surprise me that I live for vacation.  I could have spent every day for a month sitting in the sun under that cabana with a frozen strawberry banana daiquiri playing name that tune and learning the "shag" and not have been bothered one little bit.  (I would however have brought my tennis to work out this time.)  Hmm, I guess I'll just daydream about being back there until 5pm when it's time to leave........

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