Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Have The Tony Romo Hangover

Seriously, I really miss him.  My poor poor team is just being dessimated by the packers and I am just depressed.  So lets just keep that feeling up.  Well maybe not depressed, just really over it all. 

Please read through this text conversation from yesterday/last night with the office man here:  (this was after a 7:30am gchat that I got from I'm not awake at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.)

Me: Hey, sorry I saw your chat earlier but I was still asleep.  Then I overslept (oops). 
Him:  Hey, what are you up to?
Me: Took a last minute trip to Charlottesville with 2 friends.  You going out tonight?
Him: Not any more.  Had a date but I canceled it this morning.  (Editor's note: WTF?  I mean, I guess you just made it clear that we're just friends, but WHY would you tell me this?)
Me: Oh, why'd you do that?
Him: Realized she's too boring...Really pretty but no personality (Editor's note: Yet again, WTF?)
Me: Nice of you to not lead her on then.
Him: Thanks, I try. :p  (Editor's note:  VOM, emoticons)
Him: What's in Charlottesville?
Him:  Lol hanging out with the students?  (Editor's note:  obviously.)
Me: Nope.  The bars.
Him: Ah Cool.
Him: How old are you btw?  (Editor's note: If he had been so internet stalking-ish as I was, he'd already know.  Hello, I found out how old he was via Linked In.  I'm pretty fucking awesome at internet stalking.)

After this I found out he was actually 34, so I was a year or so off.  Whatever.  Also, is he going to hold it against me that I'm younger?  I guess I was a little nervous with the age difference, but like, is that something you really deal with over text?  I realize we just met but even for friends, I don't ask questions like that unless I'm looking at the person.

We've chatted a bit today but the more time goes on, the less I am interested. I don't want to talk bad about him.  He seems super nice and very laid back, but honestly....uuuugggghhhhhhh.

If I was reading this, I'd probably just laugh in my face.


The Divorced Guy said...

He sounds as smooth as sandpaper

sarg said...

Great analogy. It's really true though. And like, I don't really need someone crazy smooth or whatever, but I probably don't need you telling me about your canceled dates.