Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway

Like a few of the bloggers I follow have talked about, I too am partaking in the Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway.  I'm pretty excited because unlike some of my blogger friends, I don't really have a family picture to put on the card and it would really challenge my to come up with something creative.  I was thinking I would put some of my favorite pictures of me with friends and my mom in them. 

I typically get like "funny" cards or something blue and sparkly, but this year I thought maybe I could try this out. 

My favorties are these:





What do you think? I mean, I've never been good with communicating with my family, particularly anyone who's not my mom or my aunt, but I've always for years sent out Christmas cards. I like that I at least have 1 tradition and I’m excited to use these picture cards. I mean, my great-grandmother is 92(I think) and I know she likes getting pictures.

I am SO excited for the holidays.  Thanks Shutterfly for getting me even more ready!


katmcd said...

Super cute idea. Don't put me on Christmas cards though. I have genuinely always been creeped out by photo cards.

sarg said...

Hahaha ok although I think it will be super difficult to find fun pictures of me without you in them. Perhaps I'll just find pretty prints and not like people.