Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally, It's Tree Time

How cute is my tree ya'll?

Seriously cute right?  And if you're looking at it, and thinking, is that a football player on her tree, then let me clarify for you.  HELL YES IT IS!  I was gifted the best quarterback in the nfl, Tony Fucking Romo. 

It's no secret for my love of him and the Cowboys and I was SO happy to get it. 

I worked all week and weekend but managed to buy my tree and a vacuum at Walmart.  Most of my time though was spent working or drinking.  Look at the amount of food me and MB cooked for Thanksgiving with Zig and J Coupon.  It was all delicious too!

But honestly, so much of the last few days was just spent in bars.  Wednesday night was a super fun night at RiRa in which we actually knew someone in the band, Thursday night and last night were at CCSP.  What a really great way to spend the holiday. 

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