Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Is This Week?

Oh holy shit man.  Time just flew out the window today.  It's my first day on my new project and I am LOVING IT.  These are the important things to know about my project:

1. My friend Erin is on this project, but not on my team. I met Erin actually my second day at Accenture.  She was in my start group and is younger than I am, but overall is just fun and loud and really supportive at work.  She turns out to actually be my like welcoming person on this project.  Having her on my project means that I'll have friends during all of the meetings and happy hours.  Yay!
2. Happy Hours and Parties: Erin, her coworker and another one of my start group guys Liju basically spent lunch talking about how awesome and fun the happy hours are.  Duh, I love that.
3. I had a feeling that my team, all 4 of us, would be men + me.  So yeah, 3 guys and me.  Ok, no big deal right?  We're having a team dinner with another team that some of the guys I work with also do some work on.  It's going to be at the amazing Fogo de Chao (which ps, I've never been to, but it sounds fabulous).  My coworker first says to me, "Do you eat meat?"  Uh, yeah I do.  And then he said, "How do you feel about having dinner with a lot of guys?"  Uh, what?  The other team happens to also be all men.  So dinner next week is 9 men and me, sarg.  It will be the most ridiculous work event ever. 

But really, my team seems really cool and I know it's going to be hard work but I am literally so excited.  And because my blog hasn't really seen any holiday festive-ness, I leave you now with 10 Reasons I'm Thankful To Be Single This Thanksgiving, courtesy of The Frisky:

1. The only family drama I have to deal with is my own. And that’s enough, thank you very much.

2. I can decide to change my plans last minute and hop a plane to Spain, no questions asked. God, I wish I had thought of that sooner. Maybe I’ll check ticket prices.

3. Two words. Holiday hookups. ‘Tis the season when all singles are looking to deck the halls.

4. There will be no fights over whose folks we spend Thanksgiving with.

5. I don’t have to cook for or clean up after anyone else. Boys are messy. And I’m an awful cook.

6. I can watch “A Christmas Story” or “Love Actually,” my two favorite holiday movies, uninterrupted while binging on pecan pie leftovers and wearing sweat pants.

7. Party-hopping works when you’re a party of one. I can show up at multiple Thanksgiving dinners with a bottle of wine and a pumpkin pie and be a hit.

8. I’m grateful for all the wrong-for-me-guys I’m not going to be spending the holiday with.

9. I can wake up at 5 a.m. for Black Friday doorbuster sales and not have to deal with someone whining about how early it is.

10. The wishbone is mine ... all mine!!!

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