Monday, November 1, 2010

I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller

I wish I was a baller.

Today has been really stressful.  I found out that I'm rolling off of my project on Friday (THANK FUCKING GOD).  But now that means I have to find a new project, and hopefully quick.  I'm really looking forward to moving on because I know what other great clients and projects my company has.  Another plus side...this girl is working from home today.  I just finished a nice work out (first in a few days...whoops) and am just thinking that it looks so beautiful outside.  My balcony has the nicest view of Arlington and Falls Church and I just get to see all of the trees with their leaves changing colors.  Makes me really wish I had a fireplace.  The yule log channel doesn't really give that warming feeling so well.

Yesterday, I couldn't drag my ass out of bed/off my couch to support the Marine Corps Marathon runners, but I did manage to pull it together and get to the bar for the Cowboys game.  What a depressing season it's been.  With Tony out, we're just going downhill.  Granted, I will still be at the bar every week getting harassed for liking America's Team.  I mean, I'm from Dallas, just get over it already.

Also, one of my favorite movies ever is on.  Meatballs, the one with Bill Murray from the 70s.  I have NO clue why I like this movie, but I really just do. 

I wish it was the weekend, I'm ready to get drunk, and since I haven't done many happy hours lately, I can't justify sitting around my apartment having a cocktail with Firefly vodka and passing out.  Here's hoping.

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