Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Found Waldo Again

What a fabulous weekend. 

I have to quickly tangent because I realize when I wrote about going to lunch with the work guy I totally spaced on the best thing ever.  I was asking like what he had done that day because it was Veteran's day, and while I had to work, he didn't.  His response, "I went to look at bonsai trees because I want to make my apartment look more Asian."  No fucking joke.  I did everything I could do not to laugh.  He's so nice, but really ridiculous.

Ok, back to the weekend.  I've been beaming since I heard the news about my upcoming project so I'm sure that helped.  Friday night I had a committee meeting for a networking committee that I'm on at Whitlows.  I had a few beers there and then met up with MB.  From there we went to Hunan.  I've heard about this place forever and MB's always trying to get me to go, but I finally caved and omfg what weird place.  We found 2 spots at the bar luckily, sat down, and ordered beers the size of....well, I don't know what the size was, but it was more than double a pint glass.  And for only $4.00.  AMAZING.  We each had 2 of those, and got some sushi and spring rolls.  And the music was awesome.  I would have never even thought that I was in some Asian restaurant had I not ordered sushi.  After that we went to RiRa of course.  I think that's our new regular place.  We called J Coupon to come meet up with us.  Then one of the guys on my networking committee and his friend came.  I talked to people, danced a lot, and had  There was one random part where the guy on my committee's friend got in a fight with some random dude.  Like pushing and probably almost punching.  J Coupon helped break it up and MB had some guy in a choke-hold.  I was pretty impressed.  That was ridiculous, but I was so waste-face that I didn't even care. 

Yesterday I had to work for a few hours and while exhausting, had talked about watching the fight.  I called up MB, Zig and J Coupon to decide on venue.  Originally it was going to be Buffalo Billiards to make it easier on Zig but he ended up bailing so we ended up at Hard Times in Springfield.  That place is....different.  It was totally packed but we managed to find a spot to stand out of the way and up against a mini-island thing. 

Another tangent coming now.  So for some reason, I remembered seeing a Pacquiao fight before, and I just assumed it was UFC.  We got there and are watching the prelims and I'm thinking, "Why are they in a boxing ring and not in the Octogon?  Luckily, MB also thought we were watching UFC, and we both had this realization moment where we both figured out we were actually watching boxing.  Whoops.  I mean, they did put the UFC fight on also, so we watched both.  And I was right, J Coupon confirmed that at one point over the last 3+ years that I have watched a Pacquiao fight.  I'm just kind of retarded or something.  Did I mention that Pacquiao has a tattoo on his chest that looks like a sperm?  Just sayin.

After having this moment, we just pulled out our Lilly Pulitzer bright pink koozies and drank our way through the fight.  We chatted with a few people, of whom included a somewhat ghetto man who moved from Centerville, a man who gave MB some of his wings, a man with a flat-top haircut, a man with super long hair slicked back, and waldo.  Seriously, Hard Times Springfield for the win. 

Following the fight, we went through the drive-thru at McDonalds for some late-night food and then I drove us home.  My favorite thing about this weekend is that we turned nothing into something.  We just had a lot of fun. 

Next week, katmcd, MB and I are headed to the Indiana/Penn State game together.  I'm looking forward to tailgating and having a great time.  Until then, this week will be a lot of document review, finishing up training, and doing last minute things.  And also, Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday.  WTF? 

I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as I did.

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