Sunday, November 7, 2010

100 Tabs Coming Soon To A Bar Near You

Yesterday, katmcd, MB and I took an impromptu trip down to Charlottesville.  We spent the day in a historical campus tour and then walked around the campus.  It was so beautiful.  The leaves had all changed color and it happened to be Parent's Weekend.  We walked all over campus and took pictures and just really enjoyed taking a mini-break from DC.  Of course we also went to the bookstore.  I had lost my old longsleeved UVA during the Army 10-Miler so I bought a new one and then we had a major find.  LILLY PULITZER KOOZIES.  And to make it so much better, there were 3 styles, all $5.  Mine has gators on it, one is even playing the saxophone.  They are so random and so pink, but so incredible. 

After our afternoon of walking, we tried to get my car out of the garage so we could go to my mom's place, change clothes and then head back to UVA and go to the bars.   But because of all of the parents, we couldn't get out, so instead we went to have a beer at the Virginian.  After that beer, we decided to just go to car, grab our clothes for the night, change and then repark my car closer to the bars.  We would forgo going to the apartment completely. 

First we went to the Irish bar and then we went back to the Virginian.  I was really rude to this girl from Arlington, and I really didn't mean to be, I was just not in the mood to chat with her.  10 minutes later, she was crying over some boy.  I guess she was fine.  I don't know, like, if you're going to cry, step outside, or go to the bathroom.  Don't just sit at the bar making some big scene.  Other than that, and the fact that this fucking bitch spilled her damn cranberry fucking vodka cocktail all over my cream colored sweater and ruined it, we actually had such a great time.  It was really relaxing.  And cheap.  And we had Sonic.  De-fucking-licious.

Now it's just up to the Cowboys to hopefully try and win against the pack tonight.

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