Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Is My Favorite

While last night was really fun but pretty relaxed, I still think this year was great.  We had a change in plans because the metro was horribly fucked up.  We met at MBs for pregame and some dinner and then went to RiRa in Clarendon.  RiRa is my new favorite bar.  I love the bands and just tend to have a great time when we're there.  Then we popped over to Whitlows which also had a band.  It started to get really busy around 12, we left to try and get back to RiRa but the line was insane.  Tom, katmcd, Al's friend Adam, and I decided to just bail and go to Silver Diner.  After a delicious late-night meal, we got in a cab to get home, but the asshole driver says he will only go to 1 stop.  WTF?  So we cabbed to half-way between our places and then ran home.  It was so damn cold. 

Did you see these people last night?  If you did, it was us!