Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday Par-tay!

Tonight is my birthday party, because obviously I wasn't going to get obliterated on a Monday night.  I mean, not like I've never done that before.  Never......hahaha.

Anyways, yesterday I had an interview for a new role within my company and I think it went well and I'm pretty excited to hear next week whether or not I got it.  The guy seemed really decent and pretty cool.  Then I met with my career counselor, a higher up person who helps you "navigate" your way during your time at the company.  We've talked a ton over the last few months, but this was the first time I met her.  She seemed nice.  After battling HORRIBLE Mclean traffic, I met up with katmcd and her friend Mimi at Chef Geoff's for some happy hour beers and food.  Very interesting.  We were supposed to go to the Curbside Cookoff, but they were in line and all of the vendors had run out of food, so they wandered to Chef Geoff's.  It was my first time there and it was PACKED.  At Chef Geoff's, I got chips with like, powdered cheddar, and a side of ranch.  Delicious, but strange.  They had eaten a mushroom pizza and said it was good. 

Afterwards, we went to Courthouse and stopped by Ireland's Four Courts.  Mimi had gone home and katmcd and I were headed to a suprise birthday party in Courthouse and weren't sure if the birthday girl had arrived so we were killing some time and listening to some live Irish music.  It too was packed and had a lot of guys which we both appreciated.  When we got the "all clear" from Legs, we trekked to her apartment that she shares with her boyfriend for her very good friend (also both of these girls are ADPis) Bryn's suprise party.  I hadn't seen Bryn in a few years, (and we saw Jess in Orlando last weekend when they were running the Epcot Half Marathon) but it was pretty nice and we got to chat a lot with some younger ADPis there and overall just had a nice Friday night.  They all headed into Georgetown for an ADPi Barbie Crush Party and katmcd and I went home.  Then I dropped my damn phone and cracked the screen.  UGHHHHHH.

Today I have to go to work today from until around 5ish and then I'll come home, get ready and head out to DC.  Metro is being a total bitch this weekend though.  RUDE.  But we'll just walk.

Also, can I just please say, having a 30 degree variation throughout the day is not ok.  The fact that it's low 50s and then is going to be 80 today makes it next to impossible to dress for going outside.  Please decide...summer or fall.  Thank you!

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