Monday, October 25, 2010

I Don't Really Like Talking About My Flair

I really hate it actually. 

So instead, I'll talk about my Halloween costume.  I'm going to be Batman this year.  Mainly it's referring to a TO/Ochocinco reference, but the superhero idea was just too easy. 

Polyvore is difficult to use....not to mention my costume was much cheaper than they tried to make it. 

Tshirt: $9  Amazon
Shorts: Old school soffee shorts
Shoes: Black tennis from Target for $9
Shoe Laces: Target $1.50
Belt:  Mine is actually just a large yellow ribbon, so it's like a fake belt
Mask: $1.39 from Party Depot
Knee Socks: Old black soccer socks

This is a costume done cheap and comfortable.  We will all still look cute, but not frozen.  I like it.  And our adventure include, but are not limited to these fine events:

Night of the Living Zoo

La Tasca Halloween Party

and other bars we decide to go to.

I'm really looking forward to it.

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The Non-Student said...

Aw, I'm gonna be Batgirl, too! I bought a costume online--a lot more than what you paid for. :-P But, still fun, I hope!