Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello Halloween

So as I'm sitting here working from home on Friday, my friend Kate g-chats me.  Since I've been watching the America's Next Top Model marathon I've been a little oblivious and she informed me that a flight was being escorted to JFK by American fighter jets.  WTF.  After watching CNN to just catch up, we continued our chat until I finally just said it how I felt it:

Me: If the world is ending, at least ill be in a sweet costume.   And drunk.
Kate:  correct

Well, I just finished cleaning my apartment and painting my nails and in an hour katmcd will be here and then MB and we'll be all costumed out and ready for Night of the Living Zoo, and then heading to Courthouse for our friend Legs' party.  So so so so excited.  It's frigid cold outside, so liquor jacket and a man dressed as Robin will definitely keep me warm. Right? 

Happy first day of Halloween!!

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