Monday, October 4, 2010

Disney World Day 1 - Epcot and Food & Wine Festival

Katmcd and I landed about 20 minutes late on Friday afternoon but were met right off the plane by my mom and John(my mom's husband).  We hopped in a cab, checked into our hotel, and hopped on the bus to Epcot Center.  Did you know Epcot actually stands for Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow?  I didn't.  It was John's first time ever to any Disney park, so katmcd got him a "First Visit" button which he wore with pride the entire weekend.  (On Saturday, katmcd picked me up a "Happy Birthday" button which the Disney people wrote in big black font "Sarah", so multiple Disney workers would say "Happy Birthday Sarah."  It was pretty cool.) 

I didn't remember Epcot really from when I was 9 and went there, and let me just tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised.  They had added a lot of rides.  We managed to go on all of the major rides(Future World) and get around the entire World Showcase.  The rides we went on included Test Track, Mission: SPACE (with spinning), Soarin, Captain EO (which I actually remember from Disneyland in CA), Spaceship Earth (inside the big white golf ball looking thing).  And we did some of the smaller rides including Nemo's ride, Maelstrom (the ride inside the Norway Pavilion), and Gran Fiesta Tour (inside the Mexico Pavilion). 

Then we headed over to World Showcase which was packed with people enjoying all of the different food and wine tastings.  It honestly was a bit weird to see so many people drunk at Disney World, but hey, whatever.  The four of us decided to do some tastings since there was no admission to the festival, you just paid for what you ate/drank.  Our samplings included:

Brazil: Pork skewer with grain something.  This dish was a bit weird, the pork was so good, but the dipped the skewer in what felt like really grainy sand and it really dried it out.  Very bizarre.  (Kathleen had a shrimp soup over rice which she said was good.)
Singapore: Beef stew type dish over jasmine rice.  I think this was my favorite of all dishes we tried.  It tasted a bit like Indian food mixed with Thai food.  So good.
Poland: Kielbasa and Potato Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Sour Cream. This one was also freakin delicious.  It had some sausage too.
Japan: Spicy tuna roll.  This dish came with 3 pieces of sushi and was pretty good but was nothing special.

Honestly, everything smelled and looked delicious, but I think we had a nice sampling of the festival.

Lastly we stood around the lake and watched Illuminations, a firework and water show.  I had a mini-meltdown for absolutely no reason but 5 minutes later I was fine and apologized the next morning to my mom/John and katmcd.  I'm stupid.  But anyways, the show was pretty nice, very different.  It centered around a large floating globe that changed colors and a mini-island with some fire.  Afterwards we just walked to the bus stop and waited to get back to our hotel. 

Overall Epcot was a really great start to the Disney vacation.

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