Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was honestly just super nice. 

Friday, katmcd, MB, Doug Funny, and Victory attended a lovely dinner party hosted by our friend Tom.  Tom is an amateur chef, but is interning at Zaytinya.  The menu was as follows:

Stewed Tomato and Goat Cheese Crostini
Roast Bone Marrow with Parsley Salad and Sea Salt
Pan-Fried Asparagus with Miso Butter and Poached Eggs
Roast Kosher Chicken
Simple Potatoes with Olive Oil, Fresh Black Pepper, and Sea Salt
Grilled Banana Bread with Dulce de Leche and a choice of Homemade Ice Cream: Wildflower Honey or Sour Cream

The bone marrow was an adventure.  It's just like the fatty substance in the bone, sounds so gross.  It had the consistency of like an oyster and the taste of buttery fish.  And it was a process to put together.  First you take your bread and a spoon full (or a tiny spoon full in my case) of marrow and spread it around.  Then you add parsley, and a pinch of sea salt.  Then, enjoy.  It really was interesting although I don't see myself ever making it. 

Everything else was really delicious.  The chicken was so juicy and tender and the potatoes and crostini were awesome.  The one issue we all ran into with dessert was the Dulce de Leche was supposed to be like a heated caramel, but the ice cream made it hard.  But the homemade ice cream more than made up for it.  I really appreciated such an adult dinner party.  We drank a lot of wine and followed it up with freeing a set of uno cards that were being held hostage at these guys' apartment upstairs in the same building.  Once we got them, we played a few games and then I was home by 12. 

Saturday I slept in until 10:30, and then went to work, and then quickly ran and then MB and I ventured over to Front Page in Ballston where we sat at the bar for hours, just people watching and talking to strangers and catching up. 

Sunday I had to go into work for a quarterly meeting and then I picked up MB for football Sunday.  Bears played at 1 and lost to Seattle, then Cowboys played at 4 and lost to the Vikings.  What a disappointing day.  But quite honestly, it was so nice.  I passed out around 930 though.  Oops.

This week is going to be super busy.  I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, then Wednesday is a little sorority family dinner, Thursday I'll be going to see the Alexandria Concert Band where my friend Al plays the trumpet, and then this weekend is going to be NUTS prepping for the Army 10-miler.  Oh my.

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