Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney World Day 3-Animal Kingdom

Our last day in Florida started with us checking out of our hotel, storing our bags, and heading on the bus to Animal Kingdom.  I had been to MGM when I was 9, and my mom wanted to go to AK, so there we were.  katmcd had gone there once before and warned me that she would be going on the Everest ride at least twice.  We walked into the park right after 9am,  mom and John got their coffee and we started walking around the Oasis, and into Discovery Island.  Discovery Island is where the Tree of Life (the giant tree in the park, trust me, you know what I'm talking about) is.  So we took some pics and headed off to Africa and the Safari ride/car trip thing.  The safari was pretty cool and we got to see a lot of animals including giraffes, elephants (and the cutest baby elephant running after it's mom), a black rhino, a white rhino, an ostrich, and a lion couple.  There were a lot of birds and some other smaller animals and we were just having a nice time driving around the reserve area.  Following the safari, katmcd and I went on some rapid ride while mom and John walked around some trek area with animals and plants.  We walked right on the ride and got nicely wet but it was really fun.  Then we headed over to Asia where Expedition Everest is.  GIANT mountain and a very intense roller coaster that goes backwards and forwards, and has a yetti!  It was honestly super exciting and might be my favorite roller coaster of the entire trip to Disney.

Following Everest, we went through Dinoland or whatever it was called to ride Dinosaur.  If you've been on the Indiana Jones ride, the car was identical.  You travel back in time to pick up one of the creatures from that era right before the meteor hit and destroyed all life (if you believe that's what happened).  I also have to warn you that I have a huge fear of things popping out and scaring me and that's all this ride was.  One of the dinos even breathed on us hot air.  I was so freaked out, I spent most of the ride with my head down and with a death grip on katmcd's arm.  They took a picture at some point, it's just the top of my head.  I was terrified. 

Following my heart attack on that ride, we took a breather and went to lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  I've been to this before actually back in Texas at Grapevine Mills, this outlet mall.  But it was a delicious lunch and our last meal at Disney.  After lunch, we walked back over to Everest to ride that again and then we had about an hour and a half to kill before we needed to head back to the airport and mom and John decided to go separate from katmcd and I. They walked around the Tree of Life and saw some different animal and plant exhibits, while katmcd and I rode the rapid ride, and then went back to Everest.  So just to count, that's 1 safari, 1 horrifying dino ride, 2 times on the rapids, and 3 times on Everest.  We still had some time so we went to Character Landing and met Winnie the Pooh.  Eeyore and Tigger were there also, but when it was our turn, everybody was taking a break except for Pooh bear. 

We met up with mom and John, bussed back to the hotel, cabbed to the airport and then sat and surprise, had another coffee.  Our flight was about an hour before my mom and John's so we went through security leaving them at Seattle's Best.  Going through security happened to provide some great entertainment for us though.  This foreign couple had a suitcase full of bottled water.  katmcd was watching this while I was still getting screened, but she said that the suitcase went through the machine, they called over a supervisor who put it through again and took a pic of it.  Are you serious?  A full suitcase of water bottles? Not allowed sir.

Following us laughing about the water bottles, we quickly hopped on the tram to take us to our gates....only it wasn't our gate. It was 1-29, and we were gate 50.  Is there another tram?  We looked around and this just wasn't right, so we hopped on the tram going back, and then finally saw the trams to gates 30-59.  We.are.stupid. 

What a great vacation it honestly was.  It's not necessarily relaxing, but it was just so enjoyable and I think I was just so happy during it that it was totally worth it.  I <3 Disney.

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