Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Well my morning has just been shit as I try and choke back the tears about not getting the job I wanted within my company and realizing that I'm stuck in this......uhm, strange situation.  I really don't want to dwell, so I'm mentioning it here and then I'm going to post some really awesome stuff.  Ready?

This year my 2 friends and I (and maybe more) are going as superheros, but since we're lazy practical and awesome we will just be wearing tshirts with the logos and leggings and masks.  I am going as Batman and think I need this sidekick (although MB is going as Robin and her costume rocks)  (katmcd is going as the Green Lantern and has an awesome light up green ring):

I also need this....minus his really weird bat voice:

What are you going as?

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