Saturday, October 30, 2010

Night of the Living Zoo

Last night was Ri-Di-Cu-Lous.

Katmcd and MB came here and we got some Chinese food to eat while we drank beers and some firefly vodka.  Our costumes were amazing looking.   About 2 hours later we headed for the metro in the frigid cold.  We saw only a few other people in costume and then heard the metro announcer say that there was no trains stopping at Metro Center.  WTF?  So we hopped off at Foggy Bottom and got in a cab.  10 minutes later we were pulling up at the zoo and getting really excited.  I mean, we were already drunk, so anything was going to be excited. 

For anyone who's never been to the National Zoo, it's basically a long path down a hill and the exhibits are on either side.  It's free admission (except special events like last night).  We started trekking down the hill to where the ticket takers were, and then b-lined right for the beer ticket table.  4 dollar beers, not terrible.  It was sponsored by Magic Hat and they had this special Green Apple Beer.  It was pretty delicious.  There were a few exhibits open, some magicians and entertainers, and then a tent with bands.  There was also this amazing drum band with like, I don't even know, crazy awesome drummers and they were all dressed as zombies.  It wasn't like Drumline where it was band drums, these were huge African style drums and they made some pretty sick beats.  Then we just jammed to the band and danced around with all of the other crazies.  Randomly enough I ran into one of my volleyball teammates and his wife. 

Afterwards, katmcd had convinced our friend Tom to come get us, so he drove us home.  But it was the LONGEST DRIVE EVER.  He took us through Georgetown down M St.  Probably sad for him, but the 3 of us were totally tanked and yelling out the window at everyone in costume.  At one point we had stopped (obviously bc of traffic at 12am), and this man dressed as Fred Flinstone came running up to the car and then JUMPED OVER IT.  What in the fucking world???  I think we all sat there in shock for a solid minute.  What in the hell? Who would jump over someone else's car in the middle of traffic at midnight?  Also, when I say he jumped over the car, he literally jumped and like landed/slid across the roof of the car.  If you know this man, please, send him to the damn circus or cheerleading camp.  He should make a living off of those skills. 

Following that drive, we stopped in Courthouse to go to our friend Steak and Leg's Halloween party.  It was pretty nice.  Their apartment is just so cute and they seriously are both so nice and friendly and always make us feel welcome.  It was nice, except for this one part where I literally ran away from this weird man.  I ran around the kitchen and behind Legs' sister's roommate Mike.  We all just laughed about it after that guy left though.  Creepster.

After the nice but short stop at the party, we piled back in the car to go to Taco Bell.  Once there, we were waiting in a line of a few cars, and then this group of men standing outside of the car.  What in the world?  Did these men walk there and like order with the car (bc you can't just walk up to a drive-thru)?  Or were they in that car and all got out to order and pay by themselves?  Honestly, I really don't know.  All I know is that I kept yelling at them out the window. 

This was such a crazy fun way to start Halloween.  And I still have another night ahead of me.  Thank goodness I'm not hungover.

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